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6 Most Common Wood Used in Outdoor Furniture

6 Wood Types Commonly Used in Furniture

As you can see, there are many types of wood used in Tangkula furniture. Every wood type has its features. If you wonder which type is more suitable for your home or backyard style, check out this article.

This article will discuss the features and uses of different types of solid wood furniture. Tangkula will show you details about wood. This way, you can make a more informed decision when selecting furniture for your home.

Rubber Wood

What is rubberwood?

Rubber wood comes from the rubber tree, found in tropical regions like Southeast Asia, Africa, and South America. Harvest the wood once the tree has completed its latex-producing lifecycle, usually around 20-30 years.



People will Harvest the tree after latex production ends. Therefore, rubber wood furniture is an eco-friendly choice.


Medium hardness and strength, comparaed to other hardwoods used in furniture.

Grain and Appearance:

Typically has a straight grain with a uniform texture. The color ranges from pale cream to a light tan.


Because of its plentiful supply, rubber wood is more affordable compared to other hardwoods.



Commonly used for indoor furniture like tables, chairs, and cabinets.


Used for both solid wood and engineered wood flooring.

Wood Products:

Used for small items like kitchen utensils, toys, and tool handles.

Teak Wood

What is teak wood?

The teak tree grows in Southeast Asia, including Myanmar, Thailand, India, and Indonesia. People highly value teak for its durability and natural resistance to wood patio furniture.



Extremely durable and resistant to rot, decay, and insect attacks.

Natural Oils:

It contains natural oils that provide resistance to water and pests.


It has an attractive golden-brown color that weathers to a silver-gray patina if left untreated.

Strength and Stability:

High dimensional stability; doesn't warp or shrink significantly.


Fairly easy to work with, despite its density. Teak wood furniture holds nails and screws well and can be polished to a high finish.


High-quality Furniture:

Indoor and outdoor furniture, including dining sets, garden benches, and outdoor sofa furniture.


People value teak flooring for its beauty and longevity.

Marine Applications:

Boats and yachts use them for decking because of their resistance to seawater.

Architectural Millwork:

People use them in doors, window frames, and other architectural elements.


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Fir Wood

What is fir wood?

Fir wood, mainly from fir trees of the genus Abies, grows widely in North America and Europe. People commonly use it in construction because of its structural properties.


Lightweight but Strong:

It is light in weight but offers good strength and resilience.

Straight Grain:

Usually, it has a straight and even grain, making it visually appealing.


Easy to cut, shape, and nail; it finishes well with paint or stain.


Moderate durability; suitable for indoor use and treated outdoor use.


Generally cost-effective, widely available.



Used in framing, beams, and other structural components.


Manufacturers use them to make furniture that needs lightweight yet strong wood.

Interior Paneling and Trim:

Popular for wall paneling, molding, and trim work.


The paper industry uses them to make paper and cardboard.


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Eucalyptus Wood

What is eucalyptus wood?

Eucalyptus wood is from the eucalyptus tree, originally from Australia but grown in South America and Africa. People value eucalyptus wood for its fast growth and versatility.


Density and Hardness:

Often extremely dense and hard, making eucalyptus wood furniture durable and resistant to wear.

Color and Grain:

Color ranges from light yellow to deep brown, often with attractive grain patterns.


Some species are highly durable and resistant to rot and pests.


Fast-growing, making it a renewable resource.


Can be challenging to work with because of its hardness, but machines well with sharp tools.



Used for both solid and engineered wood flooring.


Used for making durable indoor and outdoor furniture.

Outdoor Structures:

Ideal for decking, fencing, and garden furniture because of its resistance to elements.

Paper Production:

The paper industry uses Eucalyptus fibers.


Used as firewood because of its high heat output.


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Acacia Wood

What is acacia wood?

Acacia wood is from acacia trees in tropical regions like Australia, Africa, and Asia. People know Acacia wood for its beauty and hardness.


Hardness and Density:

Extremely hard and dense, providing excellent durability.

Color and Grain:

Rich color variations from light to dark brown with distinctive grain patterns.

Natural Resistance:

Naturally resistant to water, decay, and pests.


Good dimensional stability; doesn't warp or crack easily.


Can be challenging to work with because of its hardness but finishes beautifully.


High-quality Furniture:

Used for making high-quality indoor and outdoor furniture.


Preferred for its durability and aesthetic appeal.

Outdoor Structures:

Suitable for decking, fencing, and garden furniture.

Decorative Items:

Used for making decorative items and carvings.


Used for cutting boards, bowls, and utensils because of its durability and resistance to water.


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Pine Wood

What is pine wood?

Pine wood comes from pine trees (genus Pinus), widely found across the Northern Hemisphere. People widely use pine because it is available and versatile.



Light and easy to handle, making it ideal for many applications.

Color and Grain:

Typically light-colored with a straight grain and visible knots.


Easy to work with; cuts, shapes, and finishes well.


Generally inexpensive and widely available.


Often has a pleasant pine scent, especially when freshly cut.



Widely used in framing, beams, and panels in construction.


Used for making a variety of furniture, particularly in rustic and country styles.

Interior Trim and Paneling:

Popular for wall paneling, molding, and trim work.


Used for pine flooring, which offers a warm, rustic look.

Paper and Pulp:

Manufacturers use pine fibers in the production of paper and cardboard.


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Garden and Landscape Structures:

Used for making outdoor structures like fences, pergolas, and garden furniture.

These detailed descriptions help us better understand different types of wood, showing their features, advantages, and typical uses. The best material for outdoor furniture depends on your special needs. In the previous article, we have introduced the acacia wood outdoor furniture. If you have any questions about the acacia wood, please read the following article!

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