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How To Add Christmas & New Year Festival Ambient To Your Home

——LED Light Decorations


  • As Christmas is coming next week, I can’t wait to recommend some LED lights for you for Christmas and New Year! I remembered I recommended some inflatable decorations in the previous blog to add festival ambiance for your yards. Today, I'd like to nominate some LED lights suitable for outdoor and indoor renovations! These lights fit Christmas and New Year, which means you can make the most of them.


  • Therefore, Tangkula reindeer with 100 warm lights is a good choice for decorating your patios or homes. With the elaborate design, the lighted reindeer and sleigh feature 48”x 32”x 14.5”(L x W x H), and the sleigh features 24”x 13.5”x 20”( L x W x H), which can be set in your house as well.

More information about the lighted Christmas reindeer? Click here!
  • If you want to hold a Christmas party, the projector is a good helper to create a festival atmosphere in your house. All you need is a clean white wall and an appropriate distance between the projector and the wall. The decorative lighting can easily make your house looks hilarious without decorations occupying much space.
  • Tangkula Santa Claus Projector adds more festival elements to your home. The projector can display many images on the wall, including Santa Claus, the elk, and the sleigh. It is ideal for both indoor and outdoor decoration depending on where you set it. When the projection distance is about 16”, the projection area will be 64.5 sq. ft, and if the distance is 49”, the area will be 581 sq. ft. Therefore, the image area depends on the distance between the projector and the wall.

More information about the projector? Click here!

  • If you want to enjoy your holiday on the beach at home, try to decorate your patio with artificial tropical plants, which allows you to enjoy the tropical atmosphere without leaving your house. If money permits, you can even create a coconut grove in your yard. A shimmer coconut grove would be attractive.
  • Tangkula-lighted palm trees with LED lights can also achieve the same effect. The 7” palm tree looks so real that can bring you a realistic feeling of the beach, the sea, and sunny Hawaii. The tree is covered with 306 lights, imitating the real palm tree. You can invite your friends at Christmas or New Year’s Day to your Hawaii-style house for hilarious.

More information about the LED-lighted Palm Tree? Click here!
  • Light balls are always a fair choice for decorations. You can put it on the Christmas tree or lay it on the floor on New Year’s Day. The sparkling lights are gorgeous, especially in your yard at night, which seems like a magic world. It is a romantic idea to decorate your yard with sparkling balls! It can well suit the projection light mentioned below. You can build a cozy and romantic atmosphere in your house or on your patio. The installation is easy, depending on the actual situation.

More information about the Holiday Light Balls? Click here!
  • Just like the projector I have mentioned above, this kind of projector has the same effect. The only different thing is the image it projects. Compared with the Santa Claus projector, the snowflake one suits a wider range of situations, say, Christmas, Halloween, New Year’s Day, etc. That is to say, its usage frequency is higher. The combination of the snowflake projector and the LED-light ball is graceful. Anyone who steps into your house will feel like entering a wonderland!

More information about the snowflake projector? Click here!

Attention, please! When choosing a LED light, there are a few things you need to consider carefully!


  • Check the working temperature of the light. As Christmas and New Year’s Day are in bitterly cold winter, make sure the projector and the LED light can still work outside in your yard.
  • Check the package of the product you buy! There might be several components in the package. If you find some accessories missing, contact the store as soon as possible to get a new one.
  • Measure the size of the space you want to put the lights. If you want a projector, ensure the distance between the wall and the projector location is enough. If you want an artificial coconut tree with Led light, make sure you have enough space to put such a big decor!

If you want to add a festival ambiance to your home or decorate your home gorgeously, come to Tangkula and get some inspiration!