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The Top 5 Picnic Table FAQs Answered

5 FAQs about Picnic Tables

Picnic tables are iconic fixtures of outdoor gatherings. Whether you’re planning a picnic in the park, upgrading your backyard patio, or furnishing a public space, understanding the basics about picnic tables can help you make informed decisions. In this article, we delve into five frequently asked questions (FAQs) about picnic tables, covering everything from materials and maintenance to customization. Let’s explore these essential aspects to ensure you choose the perfect picnic table for your needs.

What materials are commonly used to build picnic tables?


  • Cedar, pine, redwood, and teak are popular choices. They are naturally beautiful, durable, and weather-resistant when properly maintained.


  • Steel and aluminum are common metals used for outdoor picnic tables. They are durable, low maintenance, and resistant to rust with proper finishing.


  • Manufacturers use high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and recycled plastic to create durable and lightweight folding picnic tables. They are resistant to rot, and insects, and require minimal maintenance.


  • Concrete patio picnic tables are sturdy and durable, ideal for public parks or areas with heavy use. They are weather-resistant and heavy-duty but may require periodic cleaning and maintenance.

Composite materials:

  • Mix wood fibers and recycled plastics to make these materials. They resemble wood but are stronger and can resist rot, insects, and decay better."
  • Different factors influence the choice of material. These factors include aesthetics, durability, maintenance requirements, budget, and location.


Tangkula 8 Person Picnic Table, Outdoor Square Picnic Table with 4 Built-in Benches


How do I choose the picnic table size for my needs?

Choosing the right size requires you to consider several factors to ensure comfort and functionality. Here are some guidelines to help you select the appropriate size:

Seating Capacity:

  • Determine the number of people you want to accommodate regularly for outdoor dining. Standard picnic tables with benches typically seat six adults comfortably (three on each side).

Space Requirements:

  • Before choosing a picnic table, make sure to measure the area where you intend to place it. Take into account both the round picnic table size and the space required for people to move around freely.

Picnic Table Dimensions:

  • Make sure to check the length, width, and height of the tables you are considering. Ensure that the table will fit comfortably in the designated area without crowding or obstructing pathways.


  • Allow sufficient legroom for seated individuals. A standard picnic table size is to provide at least 12-18 inches of space between the seat and the underside of the table top.

Consider Special Needs:

  • If you anticipate hosting individuals with specific needs, such as children or individuals with mobility devices, consider tables with appropriate dimensions or accessibility features.

Table Shape:

  • Choose between rectangular, square, or round tables based on your preferences and space constraints. Rectangular tables typically provide more seating in a linear space, while round tables promote easier conversation among all guests.


Tangkula 8 Person Cedar Wood Picnic Table, Outdoor Round Picnic Table with 4 Built-in Benches


Are picnic tables weather-resistant?

Picnic tables made from the right materials and treated properly can withstand the weather. Here's a breakdown of common picnic table materials and their weather resistance:


    • Certain types of wood, like cedar, redwood, and teak, have natural oils or compounds that prevent rot, decay, and insects. These oils and compounds act as a protective barrier for the wood. They help to maintain the wood's durability and longevity.
    • Additionally, they make the wood less susceptible to damage from environmental factors. These woods are strong when used outside. Regularly seal or stain them to maintain their appearance and increase their lifespan.
    • Pressure-treated woods like treated pine receive treatment with chemicals. This treatment helps them last longer and resist damage from bugs, rot, and water. wood picnic tables are suitable for outdoor use but may require occasional maintenance treatments.


    • Metal picnic tables with weather-resistant finishes like powder coating or galvanization can prevent rust and corrosion. Proper maintenance, such as periodic cleaning and reapplication of coatings as needed, can help prolong their lifespan.
    • Aluminum: Aluminum is naturally corrosion-resistant and easy to clean, making it a durable choice for outdoor furniture. Powder-coated aluminum tables offer additional protection and are easy to maintain.


    • Plastic picnic tables are extremely durable and can withstand different weather conditions. They can withstand moisture, insects, and UV rays, making them ideal for outdoor use. They also require minimal maintenance.

    Composite Materials:

    • Manufacturers create composite materials by combining wood fibers and recycled plastics. This gives them the appearance of wood. Additionally, they are more durable and weather-resistant. They are generally resistant to rot, mold, insects, and UV damage.


    Tangkula Picnic Table with 2 Benches, Outdoor Acacia Wood Picnic Table Bench Set with 2-Inch Umbrella Hole


    How do I maintain a wooden picnic table?

    Maintaining a wooden bench picnic table requires regular care and attention. This includes protecting it from the weather and preserving its appearance and durability. Here are some essential maintenance tips for wooden picnic tables:

      Clean Regularly:

      • Remove debris, dirt, and food particles from the table surface after each use. Use a brush, broom, or vacuum cleaner to clear away debris, and wipe the table with a damp cloth or sponge to remove stains and spills.

      Apply Protective Finish:

      • To keep the wood safe from moisture, UV rays, and mildew, use a sealant, stain, or paint made for outdoor use. Designers created these products to protect the wood from the elements.

      Inspect for Damage:

      • Apply the sealant, stain, or paint according to the manufacturer's instructions. This will help maintain the wood's appearance and durability over time. Check for loose or splintered boards, cracks, or areas where the finish may be worn off.

      Keep it Dry:

      • Moisture is a primary enemy of wooden furniture. Avoid leaving wet items or standing water on the table for extended periods. Use coasters or placemats for drinks and wipe up spills promptly.

      Protect from Sun:

      • Direct sunlight can cause wood to fade and deteriorate over time. To protect the wood from sun exposure, consider placing the picnic table in a shaded spot. You can also use umbrellas or canopies for additional shade.

      Seasonal Maintenance:

      • Make sure to perform regular maintenance tasks based on your climate. Perform regular maintenance tasks based on your climate. This includes reapplying sealant or stain, tightening screws and hardware, and checking for any winter damage. Make sure to address any ice or snow buildup.

      Store During Harsh Conditions:

      • To keep your picnic table safe in bad weather, store it inside or cover it with protective covers. This will shield it from heavy rain, snow, and extreme temperatures. By taking these precautions, you can ensure that your picnic table stays in good condition for longer. This helps prolong the life of the table and reduces maintenance requirements.
      • To keep your wooden picnic table looking beautiful for years, follow these maintenance tips to extend its lifespan.


      Tangkula 3 Piece Picnic Table Bench Set, Outdoor Acacia Wood Picnic Table with 2 Benches


      Can picnic tables be customized?

      You can customize picnic tables in various ways to suit your preferences, needs, and style. Here are some common customization options:

        Material Choice:

        • Selecting the material for your picnic table allows customization based on durability, aesthetics, and maintenance preferences. Common materials include wood, metal, plastic, and composite materials.

        Size and Shape:

        • Customizing the size and shape of the picnic table ensures it fits your available space and seating requirements. You can choose between standard rectangular tables, square tables, round tables, or even custom shapes for unique designs.

        Color Options:

        • There are many picnic tables available in different colors and finishes. They can perfectly complement your outdoor space or match your existing furniture and decor.
        • Choose the one that suits your style best. Pick a table that will enhance the look of your outdoor area. Options may include natural wood tones, vibrant colors, or subdued neutrals.

        Built-in Features:

        • Consider the picnic table with umbrella holes or built-in picnic benches. Some picnic folding tables also come with integrated cup holders, storage compartments, or tabletop extensions.

        Accessibility Features:

        • If accessibility is a concern, customize picnic tables with features such as wheelchair-accessible seating areas, ADA-compliant dimensions, or adjustable height options.

        Engraving or Branding:

        • You can customize your picnic table by adding engraving, branding, or custom logos. This will give it a personal touch or help promote a specific theme, business, or organization.

        Surface Treatments:

        • Improve the picnic table covers by adding textured finishes, non-slip coatings, or special treatments. This will make it more durable and easier to clean. It will also increase its resistance to stains and scratches.

        Modular or Expandable Designs:

        • Foldable picnic tables are more flexible choices. Picnic table designs can be easily rearranged, expanded, or combined with other furniture pieces. This will help accommodate larger gatherings or different seating arrangements.
        • Customizing picnic tables allows you to create outdoor seating solutions that meet your specific needs and preferences. Customizing picnic tables lets you make outdoor seating that fits your needs and style. You can add features for function, improve the appearance, or include special elements.


        Tangkula Picnic Table with 2 Benches, Outdoor Hardwood Picnic Table Bench Set with 2-Inch Umbrella Hole, Slatted Tabletop & Seat


        These are the first 5 tips you need to know before making your picnic table plans. If you're looking for small picnic tables or rectangular picnic tables of high quality, Tangkula will be the right place to search. We also provide special offers for commercial picnic tables for business procurement. Reach us via e-mail to get your wholesale discount.

        We will continue to select common questions about outdoor picnic tables in the following article. Remember to subscribe our store to get the latest news!

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