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Enjoy Outdoor Dining with Tangkula Bistro Set!

Embrace Spring with Tangkula (4)

As spring is about to come, it’s time to enjoy your beautiful patio scenery. A set of bistro furniture is a must when you plan to have dinner with your friends. Fortunately, Tangkula can provide you with a wide range of products to create the perfect setup for a delightful al fresco dining experience.

  • Bistro Furniture

When you attempt to setting up a cozy and stylish outdoor dining area, the very first thing coming to your mind must be the bistro set. When selecting, you need to think about the style of your patio, which is helpful when choosing the right furniture that matches the style of your yard. You are required to decide how many pieces should the furniture set contain. If your patio is large enough, you can select the 5-piece set, which is also suitable for a big family.

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You can also consider the furniture from the perspective of material. Wicker rattan, wood, and aluminum are the three main materials of Tangkula products. The merits of the three materials are as follows. You can find which suits your patio better.

Made of willow, rattan, and bamboo, wicker rattan is durable and timeless-appeal material. It’s a great choice for naturally organic outdoor patio decoration. The wicker chair is comfortable with a soft-touch texture. You’ll feel cool even when the weather gets hotter.

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Wood is the most natural material among the three options. You can choose the wood bistro furniture set when building a more natural-looking patio yard. Most Tangkula wooden furniture is made of acacia and cedar, which means you won’t feel too hot or cold due to the weather.

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    Aluminum is rust-resistant, which is more durable and lightweight than steel. The aluminum-made chair is of multiple styles, which suits a wider range of home decor, including traditional and modern ones.

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    • Canopy & Gazebo

    The warm weather indicates more mosquitoes and enhances UV rays. So, it’s better to set up canopies for protection. You can select different kinds of the tent to meet your needs.

    The pop-up tent is suitable if your yard is small or you want an easy-storage tent. On the other hand, the gazebo is more elaborate and more steady to meet your higher requirement. You can also make the most of your yard and create a cozier place for your family.

    More info about the patio gazebo? Click here!

    • Umbrella

    A patio umbrella is also a must to protect yourself from the sun and rain. Tangkula umbrellas are of different sizes and colors to better match your home decor. Also, you can find patio tables with umbrella holes, which is more convenient for you to set the umbrella.

    More info about the patio umbrella? Click here!

    With a sunshade, gazebo, and bistro set, you can create a perfect patio dining environment for your family! Hope you all can find a suitable bistro bar set to decorate your yard. Don’t miss the chance to prepare for spring and summer wonderful night dining!

    More importantly, if you’re a bistro bar owner, welcome to Tangkula for a bistro set. You’ll save 5% if you get 10 sets of bistro furniture! The more you buy, the more you save! Remember to subscribe to our email to get the latest news about Tangkula!

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