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Top 10 Summer New Arrival Furniture & Home Appliances - Tangkula

Recently, Tangkula has launched some brand-new products on the official site, perfect for indoor and outdoor living. Today, we will recommend some of the most fascinating home & outdoor furniture at reasonable prices. And we will also show some suitable environments as references. If you want to find the top 10 Tangkula Spring New Arrivals, click here to find more!

Outdoor Furniture

Tangkula outdoor furniture received plenty of popularity recently. Our customers can always find what they need in Tangkula for their patios, yards, and lawns. Generally speaking, the 3 PCS patio furniture set is the most attractive as they are suitable for small outdoor areas and easier for storage. However, we’ll show you something different for the backyard this time.

  1. 2-in-1 Porch Swing
    There have been a lot of porch swings in Tangkula, but this convertible swing bed with a canopy will surprise you! You can use it as a swing or a bed, with cushions hidden. Imagine lying in the mild wind, enjoying air that gently wipes your face, and falling into deep sleep little by little. It will be a cozy summer afternoon. Meanwhile, the canopy will prevent you from sunshine and UV rays, ensuring your skin safety. Anyway, it’s a good choice for your patio living!
    Notice: the weight capacity is 400 lbs, and never make it overload!
    Tangkula 2 Person Porch Swing
  2. Tangkula 2-Person Hanging Porch Swing
    Experience the gentle sway of this exquisite hanging porch swing. It offers the perfect spot to relax, read a book, or simply enjoy the outdoors. The adjustable chains ensure a customized height, and the swing's sturdy construction guarantees safety and longevity. You can have secret chats with your friends, spending a cozy summer afternoon together. Meanwhile, you can put your drinks in the cup holder, or snacks on the small desk. Wonderful afternoon time cannot be without delicious food!
    Tangkula 2 Person Hanging Porch Swing, Outdoor Bench Swing with Adjustable Chains
  3. 3 PCS Acacia wood patio wood furniture set
    The most popular patio sofa set in Tangkula is made of wicker rattan, durable with strong air permeability. However, the acacia wood sofa is of another style, natural and elegant! A vigorous yard suits this sofa set greatly. Imagine sitting in your yard, surrounded by flowers, trees, plants, etc. Acacia wood comes from nature, which can build a natural tone for your outdoor life. If you like merging in the forest, or your yard is a natural style, this sofa set will meet your taste!
    Tangkula 3 Pieces Acacia Wood Patio Furniture Set
  4. Tangkula 4 Pieces Patio Sofa Set
    Upgrade your outdoor seating area with this sophisticated patio sofa set. The mixed brown rattan weaving adds a touch of contemporary style, while the sturdy acacia wood frame ensures durability. The set includes plush cushions for optimal comfort, making it the ideal spot to unwind and enjoy leisurely conversations with family and friends. Whether you're hosting a gathering or seeking a serene space for relaxation, this conversation set is a perfect choice. The major difference between the two furniture sets mentioned above is the number of people they can hold. You can select according to the number of your guests.
    Tangkula 4 Pieces Patio Sofa Set, Outdoor Mix Brown Rattan Conversation Set with Acacia Wood Frame
  5. 9.5 FT Cantilever Patio Umbrella
    Umbrellas are essential parts to protect you and your patio sofa set in the yards if you have read the previous article. Shield yourself from the sun in style with this versatile cantilever patio umbrella! Its square offset design provides ample shade, allowing you to enjoy the outdoors without worrying about harmful UV rays. Whether you're lounging by the pool or hosting a barbecue, this umbrella offers functionality and elegance.
    TANGKULA 9.5 FT Cantilever Patio Umbrella, Outdoor Square Offset Umbrella with 360-degree Rotation

  6. 6ft Thatched Patio Umbrella
    Transform your patio into a tropical paradise with this eye-catching thatched patio umbrella! Inspired by the Hawaiian Tiki culture, it adds a vibrant and festive ambiance to any outdoor setting. The umbrella's tilt design allows you to adjust the shade to suit your needs, providing a comfortable oasis on sunny days. With its easy setup and convenient carrying bag, you can bring tropical vibes wherever you go this summer.
    Moreover, there are many other kinds of patio umbrellas in Tangkula, including the Hawaii style, the modern one, and the colorful one. If you’re interested in the patio umbrella in Tangkula, click the collection to find more!
    TANGKULA 6ft Thatched Patio Umbrella, Hawaiian Tiki Umbrella with Carrying Bag, Tilt Design
Indoor furniture
As for indoor furniture, the most popular collection in Tangkula is the cat tree, which entertains your furry friends. Meanwhile, ceiling fans are essential home appliances in summer!
  1. Tangkula Tall Cat Tree for Indoor Cats
    Your furry feline companions deserve a space to play and relax indoors, and this tall cat tree is the perfect solution. Standing 55 inches tall, it offers multiple spaces for climbing, a cozy hammock for napping, and scratching posts to keep your cats entertained. The sturdy construction ensures stability, while the modern design seamlessly integrates with your home décor. Treat your cats to their activity center and watch them happily explore and play. The major difference of this cat tree is that it offers a more secret room for cats to hide and rest. This design is more suitable for small cats or lately adopted cats, who are more fragile.
    Tangkula Tall Cat Tree for Indoor Cats, 55 Inch Multi-Level Cat Tower Activity Center with Hammock

  2. Tangkula 75 Inch Tall Cat Tree for Indoor Cats
    For the ultimate in feline luxury, consider this 75-inch tall cat tree. Crafted from natural solid rubber wood, it not only provides a stylish and durable space for your cats but also adds a touch of elegance to your home. The cat tower features sisal scratching posts, multiple perches, and cozy hideaways, offering endless opportunities for climbing, playing, and relaxing. This cat tree is designed for big cats in your house, for they need more extended jumping space, and 75” is the perfect height for them to play.
    Tangkula 75 Inch Tall Cat Tree for Indoor Cats, Natural Solid Rubber Wood Cat Tower with Sisal Scratching Posts

  3. Tangkula 52 Inches Ceiling Fan with Remote Control
    The weather is getting hotter and smother, ceiling fans are quite essential in your room. If you have installed an air conditioner, the ceiling fans will help the cool air spread more quickly. The time of cooling down will be shortened. Stay cool and comfortable indoors with this sleek and functional ceiling fan. The 52-inch size ensures optimal airflow in any room, while the included remote control allows for convenient operation from the comfort of your couch or bed. With two downrods included, you can easily adjust the fan's height to suit your ceiling. This ceiling fan combines functionality with modern design, making it a stylish addition to any living space.
    Tangkula 52" Ceiling Fan, Outdoor Indoor Ceiling Fan with Remote Control

  4. Tangkula 52 Inch Ceiling Fan with Lights
    The integrated lights provide efficient and energy-saving lighting, while the fan's sleek design adds a contemporary touch to your interior décor. With reversible blades, you can choose between two different finishes to complement your style. This ceiling fan not only enhances the aesthetics of your living space but also provides comfort and functionality.

That's all of the gripping new arrivals in Tangkula! Hope these products are practical to your daily life! If you're interested in the new arrivals in Tangkula, please remember to subscribe to our website and e-mail to get the latest news!

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