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Zoom Tangkula Rectangle Glass Coffee Table, Clear Coffee Table with Lower Shelf Wooden Legs, Center Tables for Living Room (Dark Brown)
Zoom Tangkula Rectangle Glass Coffee Table, Clear Coffee Table with Lower Shelf Wooden Legs, Center Tables for Living Room (Dark Brown)
Zoom Tangkula Rectangle Glass Coffee Table, Clear Coffee Table with Lower Shelf Wooden Legs, Center Tables for Living Room (Dark Brown)
Zoom Tangkula Rectangle Glass Coffee Table, Clear Coffee Table with Lower Shelf Wooden Legs, Center Tables for Living Room (Dark Brown)
Zoom Tangkula Rectangle Glass Coffee Table, Clear Coffee Table with Lower Shelf Wooden Legs, Center Tables for Living Room (Dark Brown)
Zoom Tangkula Rectangle Glass Coffee Table, Clear Coffee Table with Lower Shelf Wooden Legs, Center Tables for Living Room (Dark Brown)
Zoom Tangkula Rectangle Glass Coffee Table, Clear Coffee Table with Lower Shelf Wooden Legs, Center Tables for Living Room (Dark Brown)
Zoom Tangkula Rectangle Glass Coffee Table, Clear Coffee Table with Lower Shelf Wooden Legs, Center Tables for Living Room (Dark Brown)
Zoom Tangkula Rectangle Glass Coffee Table, Clear Coffee Table with Lower Shelf Wooden Legs, Center Tables for Living Room (Dark Brown)

Tangkula Rectangle Glass Coffee Table, Clear Coffee Table with Lower Shelf Wooden Legs, Center Tables for Living Room (Dark Brown)

$129.99 USD

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This brand new coffee table will be the ideal decor for your living room.
Made of high strength glasses, stainless steel bars and premium MDF, it is durable and sturdy, and can well accommodate your storage needs. Smooth and glossy surfaces make cleaning very easy, assembly work is also quite simple. You needn't worry your hands or body will be injured, since the corners are sleek and rounded. It is not only a coffee table, but a multi-functional table for you at home.
If it happens to be what you are finding, just buy it now!

Large tempered glasses at the top and bottom with enough storage room
High strength glasses, stainless steel bars and premium MDF legs ensure large load capacity and stability
Smooth surface is easy to clean
Simple assembly with reference to the instructions
Attentive sleek corner design without injury to hands
Versatile table in various places at home
Elegant and modern design matches well with your room

Material: Tempered Glass (top + bottom shelf), MDF (legs), Stainless Steel (pipes)
Color: Black, Dark Brown, Red Brown (as the pictures shows)
Net Weight: 46.5 lbs
Weight capacity of table top 闂?10lbs
Weight capacity of shelf闂?4lbs
Maximum Weight Capacity: 66 lbs
Overall Dimension: 43.5''闂?3.5''闂?7.5'' (L闂傚倸鍊搁崐鎼佸磹閹间礁纾归柟闂寸绾惧綊鏌i幋锝呅撻柛銈呭閺屾盯顢曢敐鍡欘槬闂佺琚崝搴ㄥ箟閹间礁绫嶉柛顐g▓閸嬫挻鎷呴崜鍙夊兊婵☆偆澧楃换鍐疾閿濆鈷戦梻鍫熺〒缁犳岸鏌嶈閸撴瑩宕㈤弽顓炵闁兼亽鍎扮换鍡涙煟閹板吀绨婚柍褜鍓氶悧鏇犲弲閻庡箍鍎遍ˇ顖滃婵犳碍鐓欓柛鎾楀懎绗¢梺缁樻尰閻╊垶骞冨鈧幃娆愶紣濠靛棙顔勯梻渚€鈧偛鑻晶顖涖亜閵娿儻韬€规洘妞介崺鈧い鎺嶉檷娴滄粓鏌熼悜妯虹仴妞ゅ浚浜濈换娑㈠箠瀹勭増澶勯柣鎾寸懇閺屻倝骞侀幒鎴濆Б闂佹椿鍘界敮鐐哄焵?
Dimension of Top Glass: 43.5''闂?3.5''闂?.3'' (L闂傚倸鍊搁崐鎼佸磹閹间礁纾归柟闂寸绾惧綊鏌i幋锝呅撻柛銈呭閺屾盯顢曢敐鍡欘槬闂佺琚崝搴ㄥ箟閹间礁绫嶉柛顐g▓閸嬫挻鎷呴崜鍙夊兊婵☆偆澧楃换鍐疾閿濆鈷戦梻鍫熺〒缁犳岸鏌嶈閸撴瑩宕㈤弽顓炵闁兼亽鍎扮换鍡涙煟閹板吀绨婚柍褜鍓氶悧鏇犲弲閻庡箍鍎遍ˇ顖滃婵犳碍鐓欓柛鎾楀懎绗¢梺缁樻尰閻╊垶骞冨鈧幃娆愶紣濠靛棙顔勯梻渚€鈧偛鑻晶顖涖亜閵娿儻韬€规洘妞介崺鈧い鎺嶉檷娴滄粓鏌熼悜妯虹仴妞ゅ浚浜濈换娑㈠箠瀹勭増澶勯柣鎾寸懇閺屻倝骞侀幒鎴濆Б闂佹椿鍘界敮鐐哄焵?
Dimension of Bottom Shelf: 31.5''闂?8'' 闂?.2''(L闂傚倸鍊搁崐鎼佸磹閹间礁纾归柟闂寸绾惧綊鏌i幋锝呅撻柛銈呭閺屾盯顢曢敐鍡欘槬闂佺琚崝搴ㄥ箟閹间礁绫嶉柛顐g▓閸嬫挻鎷呴崜鍙夊兊婵☆偆澧楃换鍐疾閿濆鈷戦梻鍫熺〒缁犳岸鏌嶈閸撴瑩宕㈤弽顓炵闁兼亽鍎扮换鍡涙煟閹板吀绨婚柍褜鍓氶悧鏇犲弲閻庡箍鍎遍ˇ顖滃婵犳碍鐓欓柛鎾楀懎绗¢梺缁樻尰閻╊垶骞冨鈧幃娆愶紣濠靛棙顔勯梻渚€鈧偛鑻晶顖涖亜閵娿儻韬€规洘妞介崺鈧い鎺嶉檷娴滄粓鏌熼悜妯虹仴妞ゅ浚浜濈换娑㈠箠瀹勭増澶勯柣鎾寸懇閺屻倝骞侀幒鎴濆Б闂佹椿鍘界敮鐐哄焵?
Length of Stainless Steel Pipe: 5''
Diameter of Stainless Steel Pipe: 1.5 ''
Thickness of Stainless Steel Pipe: 0.01''
Dimension of Cross Board: 21.5''闂?'闂?'' (L闂傚倸鍊搁崐鎼佸磹閹间礁纾归柟闂寸绾惧綊鏌i幋锝呅撻柛銈呭閺屾盯顢曢敐鍡欘槬闂佺琚崝搴ㄥ箟閹间礁绫嶉柛顐g▓閸嬫挻鎷呴崜鍙夊兊婵☆偆澧楃换鍐疾閿濆鈷戦梻鍫熺〒缁犳岸鏌嶈閸撴瑩宕㈤弽顓炵闁兼亽鍎扮换鍡涙煟閹板吀绨婚柍褜鍓氶悧鏇犲弲閻庡箍鍎遍ˇ顖滃婵犳碍鐓欓柛鎾楀懎绗¢梺缁樻尰閻╊垶骞冨鈧幃娆愶紣濠靛棙顔勯梻渚€鈧偛鑻晶顖涖亜閵娿儻韬€规洘妞介崺鈧い鎺嶉檷娴滄粓鏌熼悜妯虹仴妞ゅ浚浜濈换娑㈠箠瀹勭増澶勯柣鎾寸懇閺屻倝骞侀幒鎴濆Б闂佹椿鍘界敮鐐哄焵?
Dimension of Legs : 11''闂?''闂?'' (L闂傚倸鍊搁崐鎼佸磹閹间礁纾归柟闂寸绾惧綊鏌i幋锝呅撻柛銈呭閺屾盯顢曢敐鍡欘槬闂佺琚崝搴ㄥ箟閹间礁绫嶉柛顐g▓閸嬫挻鎷呴崜鍙夊兊婵☆偆澧楃换鍐疾閿濆鈷戦梻鍫熺〒缁犳岸鏌嶈閸撴瑩宕㈤弽顓炵闁兼亽鍎扮换鍡涙煟閹板吀绨婚柍褜鍓氶悧鏇犲弲閻庡箍鍎遍ˇ顖滃婵犳碍鐓欓柛鎾楀懎绗¢梺缁樻尰閻╊垶骞冨鈧幃娆愶紣濠靛棙顔勯梻渚€鈧偛鑻晶顖涖亜閵娿儻韬€规洘妞介崺鈧い鎺嶉檷娴滄粓鏌熼悜妯虹仴妞ゅ浚浜濈换娑㈠箠瀹勭増澶勯柣鎾寸懇閺屻倝骞侀幒鎴濆Б闂佹椿鍘界敮鐐哄焵?
Package includes:
1 闂傚倸鍊搁崐鎼佸磹閹间礁纾归柟闂寸绾惧綊鏌i幋锝呅撻柛銈呭閺屾盯顢曢敐鍡欘槬闂佺琚崝搴ㄥ箟閹间礁绫嶉柛顐g▓閸嬫挻鎷呴崜鍙夊兊婵☆偆澧楃换鍐疾閿濆鈷戦梻鍫熺〒缁犳岸鏌嶈閸撴瑩宕㈤弽顐ュС闁汇垹鎲¢埛鎺懨归敐鍛础婵犫偓娴犲鐓曢柡鍌涱儥閸庢梻鈧娲橀〃濠囧箖閸洘鍋i柣?Table

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Tangkula Rectangle Glass Coffee Table, Clear Coffee Table with Lower Shelf Wooden Legs, Center Tables for Living Room (Dark Brown)

$129.99 USD


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