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What To Prepare When Adopting Pets on International Pet Day

International Pet Day is coming on the 11th of April. Are you ready to celebrate the day with your furry friends?

In 2006, Colleen Paige, the brainchild behind a plethora of lifesaving philanthropic holidays, established National Pet Day on behalf of pets and pet owners worldwide. The holiday aims to appeal to people to remember that millions of pets need homes, and they bring health benefits to pet owners. It is also a great excuse for people to spend more time with their furry friends. Meanwhile, it’s also a memorable day to adopt strayed animals, giving them a warm home.

If you want to do charities for these animals or attempt to enjoy a fabulous time with your baby pet, consider the following events!

  • Pet Adoption: If you’re considering raising a pet, how about adopting instead of purchasing? It’s a chance for you to impact your child to be a kind person. Here is a pet charity site:
  • Fund Raising: Many animal welfare organizations host fundraising events on International Pet Day to raise money for their cause. These events can include auctions, raffles, and other fundraising activities.
    But be cautious of fraudulent events.
  • Pet Therapy: Some hospitals and nursing homes host pet therapy events on International Pet Day. These events allow therapy animals and their handlers to visit patients and provide comfort and companionship.
  • Pet-Friendly Outdoor Activities: Many parks and venues host pet-friendly events and activities on International Pet Day. These events can include pet-friendly hikes, picnics, and outdoor games.
  • Pet Photo Contests: Many pet-themed websites, social media platforms, and pet stores host pet photo contests on International Pet Day. These contests allow people to share photos of their pets and compete for prizes.

Here comes the question: what do we need when adopting or finding a strayed animal? What do you need to prepare for your new family member?

  • The first thing you should consider is the cat/dog folding crate, which helps to take your strayed animal to the hospital for a check. Meanwhile, when you’re familiar with each other, you can take your furry friends outside for social activities, helping them adapt to human society and make new friends. Tangkula 3-door folding crate is easy to assemble with 2 set-up ways. The three doors make it well-ventilated and anti-bite&scratch, which keeps you and your new furry friends safe. As for the size, we have M, L, and XL for you to choose from, which are suitable for most pets.
    Tangkula 3-Door Folding Dog Crate, Soft Kennel with Removable Pad & Metal Frame
  • The second thing you need is the dog/ cat house. If you keep an abandoned animal, it could be nervous or upset in a new environment. The cozy condo will help a lot. The house measures 38.5”x27”x28.5”, large enough for pets to snooze and relax.
    Tangkula Wicker Dog House, Indoor Outdoor Raised Rattan Dog Bed
  • Compared with a dog house, a cat house is more functional. The cat house is designed as a 2-story, allowing 1-2 cat use. You can also find more styles of cat condos in Tangkula!
    Tangkula 2-Story Outdoor Cat House with Removable Floor
  • The third thing you need is the feeder. As you spend more time with your lovely pet, you will be addicted to selecting food and snack for them. This way, you’ll need a cabinet to store these things. Tanglula food storage cabinet is a good choice with 2 bowls, one for food and the other for water. It provides a place to store and hide the food to avoid eating on the sly, which harms their health.
    Tangkula Dog Food Storage Cabinet with Stainless Steel Double Pull Out Raised Dog Bowls for Feeding & Watering Supplies
  • The fourth thing is the litter box enclosure. If you decide to keep a cat or small dog in your house, a litter box enclosure is a must, which keeps you away from the odd smell. Tangkula cat washroom has 3-in-1 multifunctional uses, which is practical in daily life.
    Tangkula Cat Litter Box Enclosure, Cat Washroom W/Divider
  • The fifth is about entertainment. Felines are always active, especially kitties. They often pretend to pray in their childhood. At this time, cat activity trees are essential in their cats’ lives. If you have no idea about how to choose a perfect cat tree, click the link below to find more. Recently, a new modern cat tree launches in Tangkula, which equips with a teasing rope, concealed condo, jumping platform, and top perch, satisfying most cats’ physical needs.
    Tangkula Modern Wood Cat Tree, 67 Inch Multi-Level Tall Cat Tree Tower

International Pet Day is a chance for a human to love and care about underprivileged animals. The greater capacity we have, the more responsibility we shoulder! If you’re interested in other pet supplies, read the following blog and get inspired. 

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