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The Top 20 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Indoor Cat Trees

20 FAQs about Indoor Cat Trees

If you are starting to raise a cat, you may be curious about everything that helps your cat stay in a good state. The first problem is what to select and where to buy cat supplies. Here are 20 frequently asked questions about indoor cat towers and cat trees from Tangkula customers.



What is a cat tree?

  • A cat tree is a piece of furniture designed for indoor cats to climb, scratch, perch, and play. It consists of various levels, platforms, scratching posts, and sometimes enclosed spaces for cats to enjoy.

Why do cats need a cat tower?

  • Cats have an instinct to climb and scratch. A cat tree ensures they engage in these behaviors in a safe and designated way. It also offers exercise, mental stimulation, and a comfortable place for them to rest.



How tall should a cat tree be?

  • The height of a cat tree for large cats depends on the size of your room space and how active your cat is. Tall cat trees are good for energetic cats, while short ones are better for older or less active cats. In most cases, 60” is a good choice for most cats and houses. Cats will have enough space to jump here and there, and the tower won’t occupy much space in your living environment.

What materials are best for a cat tree?

  • Manufacturers usually make floor to ceiling cat trees from different materials like sisal, carpet, faux fur, and wood for scratching and climbing. Sturdy construction is important for stability during use.



How do I encourage my cat to use the cat tree?

  • We know that many cats love express boxes rather than exquisite toy furniture. You can place the cat tree and towers where your cat likes to enjoy leisure time. You can use treats or toys to entice them to climb and explore the cat tower. If your cat is hesitant, add some catnip to the scratching posts or platforms.

Can I clean a wood  cat tree?

  • Yes, cleaning your cat tree regularly and removing dirt, fur, and bacteria are beneficial to your cat's health. Manufacturers make most cat furniture with materials that you can wipe down or vacuum. Choosing the cat tree with removable and machine-washable components is wise.



Are there different types of unique cat trees?

  • Different types of cat towers include tree-shaped ones, condos with enclosed spaces, and wall-mounted shelves for cats. Before choosing the cat furniture, you need to consider your cat's preferences and your home space.

Can I make my aesthetic  cat tree?

  • Absolutely! Many cat owners enjoy building custom cat towers that suit their condition. You can find DIY plans on YouTube. Making custom cat perches for large felines allows you to tailor them to suit your furry friend' requirements and complement your home's decor.



Do all cats like cat towers?

  • Individual preferences vary although many indoor cats love their trees. Some cats may take time to warm up to a new cat tree with a litter box, while others may not be interested. Experiment with placement and gradually introduce the large cat tree to gauge your cat's response.

Where can I buy a cheap cat tree?

  • Cat towers and trees are available at pet stores, online retailers, and, of course, in Tangkula! Consider your cat's needs, available space, and your budget when choosing a cat tree house.



Do I need a cat tree if my cat goes outdoors?

  • Even if your cat has outdoor access, a cat climbing tree can still be beneficial. It offers a safe and fun indoor space, great for bad weather or keeping your cat indoors. Also, we have cat condos for outdoor use. If you need one, check the following pictures.

Can multiple cats use the same cat tree?

  • Yes, many tall cat trees can accommodate multiple cats. Cat towers with multiple perches and hiding spots are larger and sturdier options. They can ensure all your cats enjoy the tree simultaneously.



How often should I replace or upgrade my cat condo?

  • The lifespan of a cat's furniture depends on its quality and its wear and tear. Scratching posts may wear out quicker than other parts. Check the cat tower often and replace or improve it if it looks unstable or worn out.

Are there small  cat towers for small spaces?

  • Yes, small cat towers are designed specifically for smaller living spaces. The vertical design will maximize vertical space utilization without taking up too much floor space.



Can a modern cat tree help prevent furniture scratching?

  • Yes, a cat tree with sisal-covered scratching posts can help redirect your cat's scratching behavior away from furniture. Providing an attractive alternative can discourage them from damaging your belongings.

What should I consider when assembling a cat tree?

  • Follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully during assembly. Make sure you securely connect all parts and ensure the stability of the cat condo. Periodically check and tighten screws or bolts to maintain its structural integrity.



Do kittens need a different type of cat tower?

  • Kittens may benefit from smaller and lower cat trees initially, with platforms at lower heights. As your cats age, you can give them taller cat towers with more intricate designs.
  • This will match their increasing skills and curiosity. Older cats will benefit from more challenging and engaging structures. These towers can keep them active and entertained.

Can I add toys to a cute  cat tree?

  • Yes, adding toys to a cat tree can enhance its appeal. Hanging toys or attaching interactive elements will keep your cat entertained.



What should I do if my cat doesn't use the cat toy?

  • Kitties need time to get familiar with their new friends. It is not wise to encourage them to play the toys they dislike. 

Can a cat tower help with cat behavior issues?

  • Yes, providing a cat tower can help address behavior issues like boredom, excessive scratching, or climbing on furniture. It offers an outlet for instincts and provides mental and physical stimulation, contributing to a happier and healthier cat.

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If you have any other questions about the cat tree condo, feel free to chat with us in the chat box or via e-mail. We are willing to help.

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