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5 Ideas for Large & Small Cat Tower——Tangkula

5 Ideas for Large & Small Cat Tower——Tangkula

The Tangkula high-quality cat tree has been favorable among our customers for quite a long time. Previously, we introduced some tips for you to select cat trees for indoor cats. And we also recommend cat trees and towers for large cats. We will list all the merits of the two kinds to help you determine which sort to choose!

Benefits of Large Cat Trees:

  • Ample space for multiple cats to climb, play, and explore: 
    The cat tower for large cats provides multiple levels, platforms, and perches to accommodate several cats simultaneously. It is particularly beneficial for households with multiple cats.
  • Increased exercise and stimulation due to various features and levels: 
    Large cat towers feature scratching posts, tunnels, hammocks, hanging toys, and interactive elements in general. These features promote cat physical activity, muscle tone, and agility, making them engaged, mentally stimulated, and entertained.
  • Vertical territory for cats to satisfy their climbing instincts and establish their territory awareness:
    The giant cat tree offers ample vertical space, fulfilling their natural climbing instincts. The top perches also give cats a sense of territory and a chance to observe their surroundings, helping them feel secure and in control.
  • Private retreat and resting areas for cats to relax and feel secure: 
    The big cat tree condo often features wide perches, cozy condos, and comfortable hammocks. These secret areas provide cats with dedicated spaces to retreat, relax, and take peaceful naps, reducing stress, anxiety, and conflicts between cats within individual places.
  • Multiple scratching posts to promote healthy claw maintenance: 
    Cat trees for big cats typically have multiple scratching posts. Sisal ropes and boards encourage cats to engage in natural scratching behavior, keeping their claws healthy and preventing them from scratching home furniture.

Benefits of Small Cat Trees:

  • Space-saving design is ideal for smaller living spaces: 
    Small cat trees fit comfortably in smaller living spaces, like apartments and small-size houses. They are compact and take up less room compared to the xl cat tower, allowing you to provide a dedicated space for your cat without compromising on available space for yourself.
  • Suitable for single cats: 
    You do not have to buy a big cat tree if you have only one cat. The cute cat tower provides a designated space for your cat to engage in various activities, such as climbing, scratching, and resting.
  • Offers a sense of security through cozy hideaways and enclosed perches: 
    Small cat trees often incorporate enclosed perches or cubbies where cats can feel safely secure. These areas provide the cat with comfort and privacy, allowing it to relax and unwind.
  • A budget-friendly option with lower cost compared to large cat activity trees: 
    Cat trees for small cats tend to be more budget-friendly and elaborate models. For example, the Tangkula flower cat tree is only $49.99. You can find smaller cat trees that fit your budget without compromising on the basic need of your cat.
  • Portable and easy to move within your home: 
    With smaller size and lighter weight, small cat trees are much easier to move and relocate within your home. Moreover, the cute cat tree is a suitable complement to the large cat activity tree. If you raise more than four cats, the Tangkula flower cat tree will release the burden of the large one. 

Recently, we launched new modern cat trees, which I believe you would love! Let us check out new arrivals in Tangkula! BTW, we also provide cat trees for large cats sale right now. Do not hesitate to select a gift for your kittens.

Small cat trees

Dopamine outfit, which boosts people’s mood, has been going viral for a long time.

The same goes for cats! They will also feel enlightened when playing with brightly colored toys. Tangkula flower cat trees with condos are suitable for indoor cats! Here is more information about this cat furniture! 

Flower Cat Tree

Small cat towers are perfect for living room corners or complementary to the multi-level cat condo. Cute and dopamine-colored appearance light up people's moods.

Large cat trees

Cat activity trees benefit the spine health of cats, especially for the ragdoll, Skogkatt, and marine coon cats. You can find reasons in the previous article. The Small cat tower may be an optional choice, but the corner cat tree for large cats is a home essential! As parents of furry kids, all we wish for is their happiness and leisure time.

  • Multi-Level Tall Cat Tree with Sisal Scratching Post & Hammock
    The hanging hammock, large lying bed, and comfy condo provide a cozy private corner for shy cats. Big cat towers will help them get used to the environment if your cats just arrived home and appear afraid of the surroundings. Natural sisals help sharpen their claws, preventing your wood furniture from damage. Also, the hanging balls are perfect for training their predatory skills.
    Tangkula Cat Tree for Indoor Cats, Multi-Level Tall Cat Tree with Natural Sisal Scratching Posts

  • 75 Inch Cat Tower with Condos
    The extra large cat tower is higher than a man adult, which indicates enough space for your cats to jump. The large cat tree condos provide two secret rooms for cats to hide and rest. The top perch facilitates their patrolling of the territory. With sisal ropes and solid wood, the large cat condo tree satisfies cats' need for scratching. 

Have you decided which one to choose from for your kittens? I believe this article will help! If you have any questions about Tangkula Large cat tree and cute cat tower, please reach us via e-mail! We are delighted to solve your problems!

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