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5 Options of Office Desks for You

As the pandemic spread, people are more likely to work from home. It’s time to select an office desk to better suit your body in case you need WFH. IKEA L-shape desk is popular and practical for study room renovation in sharing of Ins and YouTube bloggers. In Tangkula, you can find more kinds of L-shaped desks, which is stylish and functional. I’ve rounded up five options to create a comfortable space for you to work efficiently at home.

  • The L-shaped desk can help to save more space with larger storage space. You can put it in the corner of your bedroom, study room, or living room. This kind of desk is pretty suitable for small rooms. Meanwhile, the L-shaped standing desk gives your elbow support, which can relieve the burden on your neck and spine. With the automatically rising function, you can work with a healthier posture. Standing can reduce the pressure on your spine and help it keep straight.
  • Tangkula L-shaped standing desk can achieve a 17” height adjustment at a speed of 0.8” per second with its whisper-quiet motor. The intelligent controller makes it possible for desks to adjust in memorized positions. Featured rolling casters, the desk can be moved easily. The L-shaped electric standing desk is a good choice for you to renovate your working space!

More information about the Tangkula L Shaped Electric Standing Desk? Click here!


  • Compared with the L-shaped desk, the mobile standing desk is smaller and easier to move. You can consider a small mobile-standing desk beside your sofa or bed if there isn’t a specific room for working. Similar to the electric standing desk, the mobile standing desk can go up and down at an appropriate speed but more steadily.
  • Tangkula mobile standing desk allows you flexibly change your working postures, reducing spine pressure. There are some details in the design of the mobile desk. The corner of the table is round and smooth, preventing the danger of crash injury. With a stable structure, the desk won’t shake or tipple. The standing desk suits your home and office with more extensive usage scenarios.

More information about the Tangkula L Shaped Electric Standing Desk? Click here!


  • Have you met a problem when finishing your work at home but your family members also need the office desk? If you have gotten married or live with your boy/girlfriends, a two-person desk is what you need when WFH. The double computer desk supplies more space and storage space for you.
  • Tangkula double computer desk allows you to share a workspace with your family. Meanwhile, the desk can be assembled as an L-shape desk, suitable for a single person who needs a larger workspace and storage room. The desk provides extensive space for you, featuring 3 drawers and 2 tiers. You can put it in the bedroom, study room, office, etc.

More information about the 87-inch Double Computer Desk? Click here!


  • If you’re a big fan of e-sport, you can’t miss the gaming deck and chair! Unlike the general office desk, the gaming desk is designed for e-game lovers. The difference between the gaming desk and the office desk is that the gaming desk meets more requirements of game lovers. For example, there is extra room for storing data wires and a designated place for placing bottles. The color of the game desk and chair is more colorful and vigorous.
  • If you want to get a gaming desk for your desk, come to Tangkula to find the perfect one! Tangkula Gaming Desk and Gaming Chair Combo Set are perfect for you! The desktop is spacious, accommodating all your devices and USB wires. The chair is covered with PVC leather, which is comfortable and skin-friendly. If you want to move the desk and chair to other rooms, you can move the desk with its rolling casters without effort. The gaming desk and chair set save you time and money as a set, which is at a more reasonable price.

More information about the Gaming Desk and Gaming Chair Combo Set? Click here!


  • Are you troubled with the problem of where to put your printer cart? The printer stand helps to solve this problem. A printer stands not only helps to store the printer but the document, paper, and printer accessories. This way, you can store your sundries in a more rational way, improving work and study efficiency. Meanwhile, the steel-made cart is more steady to hold the printer.
  • Tangkula 3-Tier Printer Stand Printer Cart is a good organizer for storing the printer and all kinds of accessories. The weight capacity of the tabletop is 44 lbs, and the shelf capacity is 22 lbs, which can hold the printer without any problems. A good printer makes your office room clean and tidy!

More information about the 3-Tier Printer Stand Printer Cart? Click here!

When selecting a printer shelf, there are tips you need to consider at the beginning:

  1. Budget:
    Tangkula office desk is at different prices, which can meet all your budget.
  2.  Functionality:
    A nice office desk should be functional to better serve your work. The more functions the desk has, the more efficiently you will work.
  3. Storage:
    There must be many documents, waste paper, and other sundries around you while working or playing video games. The storage place helps you keep tidy, which improves your working efficiency.
  4. Measure your space:
    Make sure you have enough space for your new desk. Measuring the room to check if the desk suits your room.