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Recommendations for Winter Camping Equipment

Though the weather is extremely cold now, we can still find interest in camping in the wild. Immersing in the serenity of nature, you can get out of vexation due to all kinds of daily trivia. People have gotten through a tough time due to the virus and lockdown. It’s time to get out of the city and enjoy the beauty of nature! Big Basin Redwoods State Park, Big Basin Redwoods State Park, and Upper Pines Campground are perfect destinations for winter camping. Here, I’d like to recommend some equipment you need when camping in winter!

  • The golf cart is one of the best sellers in sports& outdoor collections. Tangkula golf cart is more convenient than a golf bag though it can hold fewer things than the bag. You can easily fold the cart and put it in your car trunk in spring. On the golf course, you can pull the heavy cart instead of carrying the heavy golf bag. The golf cart is functional with a cup holder, four wheels, adjustable handles, a quick-stop mechanism, an umbrella holder, etc. The golf cart can provide a convenient trip and reduce the burden of a heavy golf bag.

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  • Tents and canopies are a must when camping in the wild, especially in winter. The warmth and water persistence of the tent are crucial. No one wants to get coldly damp in winter. Here in Tangkula, we provide all sizes of tents made of high-density polyester fabric. Moreover, the tent can keep over 16.7” above the ground with a sturdy metal frame. The tent boasts air mattresses, soft pillows, and comfortable sleeping bags, ensuring a cozy sleeping experience. By the way, this tent can hold only two people. If you’re looking for tents, which can accommodate more people, please find other kinds in Tangkula!

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  • If you like fishing or hunting in the wild, a folding chair is practical. You can put it in your car and easily take it to the wild. The hunting chair is camouflage, vanishing among trees and plants. You can successfully hide in the jungle! Tangkula hunting chair is made of sturdy iron, with a high weight capacity of 225 lbs, which is suitable for most adults. There are pockets on the chair, which make it more practical. These pockets can store your personal belongings, which is convenient! We also have other types of hunting chairs for you to choose from. Find more information in Tangkula!

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  • If lucky enough, you can lie outside the tent to see the stars. A camping cot is exactly what you need at this moment. Covered with soft velvet, Tangkula folding bed is super soft! You can take the cot when hunting, fishing, camping, etc. You can even take it to the beach in summer, enjoying the sunlight. There are 3 colors for you to choose from. The weight capacity of the cot is 330bls, which is suitable for most adults. The material of the cot is oxford fabric, which is water-resistant and durable. You won’t worry about the lifespan of the cot.

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  • The camping kitchen table is a must when taking a trip in the wild, for you can’t find any store to get food! The camping kitchen table can help to improve your outdoor BBQ experience! With a sturdy steel frame, the kitchen table is capable to hold a large amount of food. The camping kitchen table is equipped with a windshield to prevent wind and dust, an easy-clean steel tabletop, a detachable sink to store food, a zippered mesh door, storage shelves to hold beverages, and a side storage pocket to put the gas container. You’ll be satisfied with this multi-functional camp table! It is also easy to fold and store, which saves a lot of space in the car.

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If you’re feeling like life is boring and nonsense, go for a walk or camp in the wild for a day or two. The serenity of nature will cure you. Live will always keep going but you can rest for a while.