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ONLY TODAY, all products save 8% automatically

Gifts from Tangkula on Black Friday And Cyber Monday!

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are coming this week! Are you ready for the biggest deal of the year? You can stockpile Christmas gifts, daily necessities, or appliances and outdoor equipment on such a great deal. Our campaign will begin from November 24th to 28th. You can order the product whenever you want during this period. Here is some advice for you to find appropriate gifts on the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals.
Firstly, I’d like to introduce the discount in Tangkula. This year, all the products will be discounted.

  1. Orders over $300 can save $20,

  2. Orders over $500 can save $50

  3. Orders over $800 can save $80.

  4. ” Cat tree” will be 6% off.

But please attention that the code is valid per order. You can find the discount code on the front page.

The cat tree is the most popular product in Tangkula. You can find the right cat tree for your kitten. I have recommended several products in a previous blog where you can find advice to find the appropriate gift for your kitten.

Click here to find information about cat activity trees!

Many Tangkula fans like to buy a TV stand for its elegance and utility. There are two kinds of TV stand in our store. The first kind is inserted with an electric fireplace, which is of high elegance and utility. You don’t need to worry about security because most of our electric fireplace is equipped with a thermostat to prevent the fireplace from overheating. The second kind of TV stand is made of raw logs, which are natural materials and can better fit the house decoration. If your house is under renovation, please have a look at the Tangkula TV stand!

More information about the TV stand? Click here!
Recently, our canopy appears popular among our customers. Many people choose to buy canopies for camping or hunting. Here are two kinds of tents in Tangkula. The first one is the camouflage tent, which can make you better conceal in the wild. Meanwhile, this type of canopy is equipped with a self-inflating sleeping mat, ensuring a cozy sleep. The other kind of tent is the gazebo, which suits private gardens or patios. You can put it in your yard, invite friends to come to have a drink at night, enjoying your leisure time. All of the Tangkula canopies are water-resistant and durable. There is no worry about the quality of our tent.

More information about the canopy? Click here!
As the pandemic spreads, I believe many people have to work at home due to the lockdown. Is your neck aching? Is your backbone hurting? Here, I’d like to highly recommend Tangkula's electric standing desk. You can easily raise the working desk to an appropriate height within a few seconds. Meanwhile, the structure of the table is stable, and therefore the desk won’t shake while you’re writing or typing. The electric standing desk is a good tool to help you improve working efficiency, especially when you’re tired of sitting in a chair for a long time.

More information about the electric standing desk? Click here!
It’s coming to Christmas! Will your family and friends come to your house, to have a happy chat? What about putting a conversation set on your patio? There are many choices of the conversation set in Tangkula. You can choose a furniture set equipped with a fireplace to keep you warm in winter. If you have many friends or family members, you can choose to buy the conversation set with more sofas and larger end tables. No matter what the condition is, there is a suitable set of furniture for you in Tangkula!

More information about the patio conversation set? Click here!

Hope you can find the product at a real bargain in Tangkula! Remember to come to Tangkula on 24th Nov. Our Black Friday deals are earlier!

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