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More Ideas About Bathroom Renovation

Are you still troubled with your bathroom renovation? It is the place where we start our day. Therefore, it is vital to choose the right product to make the room looks tidy and clean. No one likes a messed up bathroom, especially when you are doing make-up. Here, I highly recommend a few products in Tangkula to tidy up your bathroom.


  • You cannot get a bright and tidy bathroom without a LED mirror hanging on the wall. LED mirror is quite popular on social media, for instance, ins and Pinterest. You can see many celebrities use LED mirror to improve the vibe of their bathroom because it is suitable for taking photos or shooting videos. Meanwhile, the LED mirror is also a sign of qualified life. Whether you’re going to be a celebrity, or want to live a high-quality life, an LED mirror is a good choice.
    Here, I’d like to recommend our Tangkula LED mirror. The size of the mirror is 27.5”x 20”(70cm x 50cm), featuring 3-tone colors, 3000k warm, 4500k natural, and 6500k white. You can fix it on the wall, above the wash basin. This way, you can see whether you have cleaned your face thoroughly and appreciate your beauty

    More information about the LED mirror? Click here!

  • You cannot miss the towel warmer, especially in the humid cold winter. It helps you to quickly dry the towel. Within a few minutes, you can get a warm and dry towel to wipe your body, your kids, or your pets. This product is very suitable for the family with children or pets. When you finish bathing your child, you can wipe their body with a warm towel. It is a very cozy experience, which improves children’s sense of happiness.
    Tangkula towel warmer can do more than mentioned above. It features a large capacity of 18L, which means you can use it to warm up your blankets, pajamas, bathrobes, and the like, keeping you warm for the whole winter. To live a convenient life in winter, you need this towel warmer!

    More information about towel warmer? Click here!

  • Now, I think some storage products are also in need. You cannot imagine a tidy room without a storage cabinet. It’s getting to Black Friday. I believe all of you need to stockpile daily supplies during the shopping carnival. Here’s the problem: where to stock all the goods you bought at a real bargain? A cabinet that can hold all the goods are helpful for your bathroom tidiness. All the sundries, like toilet paper, skin care products, and cleaning supplies, can be kept in the right place.
    With 3 drawers, the Tangkula Bathroom floor cabinet can hold all the miscellaneous. You don’t have to feel distracted by your clutter. The storage room is ample, and the material is steady enough, ensuring the safety of the cabinet. The appearance of the cabinet can match the style of the LED mirror. You can choose all the bathroom equipment in Tangkula!

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  •  Since we have room to store our sundries, how about the towel? A wall-mounted drying rack is a good choice for people living in small apartments or houses with small bathrooms. It saves plenty of space due to the wall-mounted structure. You can fix it above your toilet, or beside the washroom sink.
    If you have tried our Tangkula drying rack, you’ll love it! It can hold more than 8 towels simultaneously and be folded or extended whenever you like. The weight capacity is 60lbs, while its weight is only 6.2lbs. Your bathroom space will be maximized with this drying rack

    More information about the drying rack? Click here!
  • Like the drying rack, the broom holder is also important for tidying up your bathroom. Most people like to put their mobs and brooms in the bathroom, which looks messy. It’s time to fix a mop holder on the wall of the bathroom. Tangkula mob holder is equipped with 6 hooks to provide positions for 5 mobs( or the broom). Also, you can hang daily necessities, like the umbrella, on the rack.

    More information about the broom holder? Click here!

Hope my recommendations can inspire you when decorating your bathroom. Also, there are much more products in Tangkula, which help tidy your house and add beauty to your home. Beauty is a lifelong pursuit!