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5 Recommended Lightings for Indoor & Outdoor Space

Tangkula aims to provide all sorts of furniture for your home design and cozy living as I have mentioned before. Our products allow you to embrace nature and enjoy the essence of life. However, we also provide plenty of lighting appliances for homes and lawns, which suits most cases of your home solutions. As we can see, modern style decoration received popularity with its simple and clean lines, neutral color scheme, minimal accessories, and bold and abstract design. If your home is modern-designed, or you want to renovate your house into a modern-designed one, it’s lucky for you to meet Tangkula!

  • The modern-style design is charming for its simple and clean lines, which appeal to be elegant. Setting a modern lamp in the bedroom is a good choice as it creates a sense of tranquility and calm. Tangkula 3-globe floor lamp emits warm and soft lighting, creating a relaxing ambiance. The stand is composed of high-quality metal, durable and steady for long-term use.

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  • Futuristic style is a kind of derivative of modern style design. It is available in Tangkula. The essence of the futuristic style is the striking visual impact. Unlike the contemporary style, the futuristic style appears more innovative, attempting to break the boundaries of traditional design. Tangkula Helix LED floor lamp is a good example of futuristic design furniture. You can find that the light is winding along the whole lamp, pretty unique from others. This lamp suits both the bedroom and living room. You can put it beside your bed, beds, or TV stands.

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  • Another good point of modern design is the neutral color scheme, consisting of white, gray, and black, which is one style that fits all. A floor lamp with a shelf is a good choice for your bedroom and living room because you can make the most of the space, storing daily sundries. With 3 tier storage space, the shelf floor lamp helps to keep your room tidy and clean. The multifunctional appliance is a good choice for your home decor.

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  • If you’re finding an appliance to light up your bathroom vanity, you can choose the wall sconce, a modern-style design. You don’t have to worry about the installment, which is under manual instructions. This sleek and modern design features 4 LED lights, illuminating your bathroom and your beauty. The material and structure are solid and durable so you won’t worry about rust due to moisture.

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  • As the weather gets warmer, I believe many of you intend to stay in the yard late at night. It’s time to select lights for your outdoor space. The wall-mounted LED solar light is eco-friendly, indicating no worry about replacing batteries. Tangkula LED sensor light is also heat-resistant and waterproof. You won’t worry about safety issues.

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