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6 Must-Try Life Sized Props for Halloween Horror Night 2023

We have introduced the merits of both animated Halloween decors and inflatables previously. If you have Halloween decor ideas of Halloween outdoor decor to build your spooky season, this article is right for you. Halloween party decoration ideas and are also mentioned.

Tangkula 5.2FT Halloween Witch Decor, Animated Standing Greeter Old Lady with Candy Dish

The Halloween Animated Standing Greeter Old Lady is a 5.2ft tall figure that will impress your Halloween guests. She is wearing a scary maid outfit. She is holding a tray of candy. Her body is bent.

Her face is scary. Her eyes are red. Her arms are movable. All these elements create a very realistic and creepy atmosphere and are perfect as great outdoor Halloween decoration ideas.

With her red eyes and lifelike animatronic effects, she becomes scarier. It is the perfect choice for Halloween decorations, whether indoors or outdoors.

Additionally, the built-in motion sensor triggers unsettling phrases when activated. The installation is simple according to the instructions. Enjoy the easy set-up experience of porch decorations for Halloween!

Speaking phrases:

  1. "Trick or treat?"
  1. “Let me show you the true face of Halloween. Hahahahaha”
  1. “How about a kiss?”
  1. “So you want some treats? Hahaha”
  1. "Is that a mask?"

Dimension:1.5’x1.5’x5.2’ (L x W x H)

Customer Review:

"This Halloween witch’s came absolutely fantastic! It’s design is incredibly creative. The quality is also outstanding, with a sturdy yet lightweight cane that’s perfect for kids to use. I love it’s versatility add fun element to Halloween costumes. It is my favorite decoration this year."

Note: The package does not include Pop-in 3 x 1.5V AA batteries.

Tangkula 5.2FT Halloween Animated Standing Greeter Old Lady with Candy Dish

Tangkula 2.8FT Halloween Animatronic Roaming Creepy Doll

The cute Halloween decoration is also your perfect spooky companion for Halloween. Dressed in tattered red clothes, she sets the stage for terror with synthetic hair and a horrifying visage. What makes her truly hair-raising is her sound-activated capabilities.

When she hears sounds, she says scary things that will make anyone nearby feel very scared. Her glowing eyes come to life at night, adding to the eerie ambiance. You can hang her on your porch, doorway, or inside your home, making her a versatile addition to your Halloween decorations.

Speaking phrases:

  1. “Do you wanna play?”
  1. “Come closer, I got a secret.”

Dimension: 1.2’x0.8’x2.8’ (L x W x H)

Customer Review:

"I ordered this for a Halloween Party I am having. It’s creepy and a great addition to my Halloween decorations! Will post photos when she’s set up for party!"

Note: The package does not include Pop-in 3 x 1.5V AA batteries.

Tangkula 2.8FT Halloween Animatronic Roaming Creepy Doll

Tangkula 5FT Grins Animated Halloween Props Killer Clown

The Grins Animatronic Killer Clown is a chilling addition to your Halloween decor. He's great for decorating porches with his movable head, arms, scary face with glowing red eyes, and creepy smile.

His real terror comes alive when you activate his built-in sensor. Clap your hands nearby, and he'll respond with spine-tingling phrases that will haunt your guests.

What makes him even more horrifying is his performance at night, with the lighting and animatronics effects reaching their peak intensity. This will be a very interesting Halloween decoration for those with coulrophobia.

Speaking phrases:

  1. “That’s it, come closer. I’ve got something for you, and it’s not a balloon!”
  1. “Good, run away. I’ll catch up with you later in your nightmares!”
  1. “Hey, you look familiar. Maybe because I’ve been hiding under your bed!”
  1. “Oh, did I scare you? Good. You taste much better when you’re scared.”

Dimension: 2.3’x1.5’x5’ (L x W x H)

Customer Review:

"Best gift of the year, my kid loves it, would buy more!"

Note: The package does not include Pop-in 3 x 1.5V AA batteries.

Tangkula 5FT Grins Animatronic Killer Clown, Indoor Outdoor Scary Clown Halloween Decoration with Pre-Recorded Creepy Sound

Tangkula 5.6FT Life Size Halloween Props, Standing Pumpkin Scarecrow

Standing tall at 5.6ft, the Pumpkin Scarecrow is a formidable addition to your Halloween decor. His scary face, complete with glowing eyes and an eerie mouth, greets trick-or-treaters with a spine-tingling welcome.

Activated by loud sounds, he utters unsettling moans that intensify the eerie ambiance of your haunted house. At night, his eyes glow an eerie green, adding to the spooky scene.

This animatronic scarecrow is great for Halloween parties, trick-or-treating, and haunted houses, inside or outside. Prepare to terrify your guests with his bone-chilling presence.

Dimension: 1.8’x1.5’x5.6’ (L x W x H)

Customer Review:

"The quality of this pumpkin man is pretty good. Easy to assemble and adjust the head and hands. It scared my little kid so I think it’s good for Halloween night lol. The sound works as good as it should be. The base is sturdy but might need to put some heavy things on it if it’s windy."


  1. This animated prop can only moan, which means he cannot speak phrases.
  1. Note: The package does not include Pop-in 3 x 1.5V AA batteries.


Tangkula 5.6FT Halloween Animated Standing Pumpkin Scarecrow


Tangkula 5FT Scary Halloween Props Animated Standing Witch

The Halloween skeleton decoration adds a dose of witchy horror to your Halloween party with the 5FT Halloween Animated Standing Witch. Wearing old clothes, with a scary face and moveable arms, she's prepared to scare your guests with a wicked spell.

When night falls, her flashing red eyes come alive, intensifying the terror she instills. Activate her eerie phrases with the built-in sensor, and listen as she utters unsettling words. This is a perfect Halloween yard decor to host your guests!

Speaking phrases:

  1. “Let me show you the true face of Halloween. Hahahahaha”
  1. “Trick or treat? Ahahahahaha”
  1. “How about a kiss”
  1. “So you want some treats? Hahaha”
  1. “Is that a mask?”

Dimension: 2.2’x1.5’x5’ (L x W x H)

Customer Review:

"This witch looks scary but my son loves it so much that he fights with it every day! And its quality is so good that it still didn’t break yet ,lol. I love that walking by will trigger the sound and head moving. Can’t wait to see kid’s reaction at trick or treat. Our Halloween is more fun with this witch!"

Note: The package does not include Pop-in 3 x 1.5V AA batteries.

Tangkula 5FT Halloween Animated Standing Witch

Tangkula 6FT Halloween Animatronic Witch

The 6FT Halloween Animatronic Witch is a great option for a scary hanging decoration for your Halloween celebrations. Dressed in a purple robe with a witch hat, she creates a haunting atmosphere wherever you place her.

Her interaction with your guests is a highlight, triggered by a simple clap of hands. She'll respond with bone-chilling phrases, which intensify the fear factor of your Halloween setup.

Standing at a life-sized 6ft tall, this animatronic witch is perfect for Halloween-themed events and Halloween ghost decorations. Her glowing red eyes add an extra layer of horror, especially in the dark.

Speaking phrases:

  1. “You're not going in there, are you?”
  1. “AH HAHAHA!”
  1. “BOO”
  1. “I'd turn back if I were you!”

Dimension: 1.7’x1.2’x6’ (L x W x H)

Customer Review:

"The witch is now hanging up on my porch. Exactly like the picture shows, just be aware that it is not standing. The fabric is light so when the wind blows the witch is like "flying". I like this one as it is easy to storage, does not take much space like other halloween decors do. The "flying" effect makes your surrounding different. If you like something hanging up, this is for you."

Note: The package does not include Pop-in 3 x 1.5V AA batteries.

Tangkula 6FT Halloween Animatronic Witch, Hanging Halloween Decoration with Pre-Recorded Phrases

These Halloween decorations for the house will become essential elements of your Halloween decorating, elevating the holiday to new heights of creativity and entertainment!

It's time for preparing the Halloween night! So in the following blogs, we will continue introducing best Halloween decorations for your yard, patio, porch, and other outdoor living spaces. If you have the demand of finding scary decorations for your home, please subscribe to our store and get the latest news of halloween decor sale!

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