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Tangkula Gift List——Mother's Day 2023

As Mother’s Day comes, it’s time to select practical gifts for Mommy and show your love to her! Tangkula will continue our gift list series, inspiring you on these special days! Here are our recommendations for Mother’s Day!

The weather is getting hotter in mid-May. Ceiling fans and air conditioners with remote controls are essential appliances for moms, always busy with their housework or jobs. If we cannot release their life burden, then what about removing harsh elements, which may lead them to relentless tire?

When I was a little child, all I hoped for in summer was to embrace the cooling wind and have a cup of icy water, watching TV shows with my mom. However, every time I invite her to relax, she was warped with laundry or other housework from time to time. Her sweat-wet cloth was always hanging in my mind. When I got the first bucket of money, I bought an air conditioning fan for my mom. And she loved it so much. From then on, I kept sending Mother’s Day gifts for her every year. Mothers donate so much for the family, and we're responsible to let her know the fact that we love her.

Tangkula Mother’s Day List gives recommendations for gifts of different price levels. You can choose any option according to your budget. If you are interested in other gift lists from Tangkula, click the following links to find more. And you can also click the image to find more info about the product.

Below $100

Option A: Tangkula 48-Inch Tower Fan

This fan features 3 wind modes and 3 wind speeds, providing various options. The sleeping mode remains the noise level lower than 53 dB. It won’t be noisy if you put it in your bedroom. The Tower fan also suits the living room, assisting the air conditioner working, ensuring quick temperature drop and lower electricity fee. Meanwhile, the oscillation area is large. When your mom does housework in the living room, the cool air will breeze her wherever she goes.

Tangkula 48-Inch Tower Fan with Remote Control, Quiet Bladeless Tower Fan

Option B: Tangkula Floor Lamp with End Table and USB Charging Ports

After a whole day of work, most people enjoy pre-bedtime, reading books, or browsing the news. In this scenario, a floor lamp with an end table and USB charging parts is a good choice. This practical end table combines multiple functions, which makes your life more convenient.

Tangkula Floor Lamp with End Table and USB Charging Ports


Option A: Tangkula 20" Caged Ceiling Fan with Light, Enclosed Ceiling Fan

This product features ceiling fans and light, which save you plenty of ceiling space if the bedroom is small. The ceiling fan has 2 modes, the forward wind for summer and the reverse wind for winter. Air circulation is essential to rooms, even though you have an air conditioner or opened window. Send it as a gift, which keeps the room environment refreshing.

Tangkula 20" Caged Ceiling Fan with Light, Enclosed Ceiling Fan

Option B: Tangkula 52 Inch Ceiling Fan with Light

This ceiling fan has more gear speed options, meeting your different needs. There are 3 light modes, including cool white, natural white, and warm white, and six gear speed. You can change the mode according to different situations. The ceiling fan light is also equipped with remote control, which allows you to change the setting without leaving your bed at midnight. Also, the appearance is modernly fashionable, which suits most home decor.

Tangkula 52 Inch Ceiling Fan with Light

Above $300

Option A:3-in-1 Air Cooler

This is the first gift I gave Mom after I get paid from my first full-time job! Compared to ceiling fans, the air cooler is more functional and effective in mid-summer. The oscillation area is bigger and almost covers the entire room. If there are little ones or pets in your home, you won’t worry about their safety because the protective shield avoids pinching their hands. If you have a higher budget, I highly recommend this air conditioner as a Mother’s Day gift.

8000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner, 3-in-1 Air Cooler w/Built-in Dehumidifier, Fan Mode

Option B: Portable Air Conditioners

This air conditioner can be used as an air cooler, dehumidifier, fan, and heater, which suits most situations. Most importantly, you can use your phone as the remote control via a specific app, WIFI, or Bluetooth connection. Meanwhile, the AC unit can go to any room freely with its casters and built-in handles.

Portable Air Conditioners, 12000 BTU 4 in 1 AC Unit with Cool, Fan, Heat & Dehumidifier

All the gifts I recommend today are equipped with remote control for your convenience. It’s better to get an air conditioner and a fan together, accelerating the airflow, and contributing to a quick temperature drop. We also provide bundles of fans and air conditioners, which saves you money. Hope the Tangkula gift list can do you a favor. If you want to get more present ideas, subscribe to our website via e-mail and get the latest news!

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