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Tangkula Cat Litter Box Enclosure, 5-in-1 Enlarged Hidden Litter Box Furniture with Cat Condo


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  • 5-in-1 Cat Cabinet Furniture: The cat cabinet furniture boasts a cat condo for resting, 3 scratching posts to sharpen their claws and a cat litter box enclosure for privacy. It doubles as an attractive furniture and provides a cozy spot for your cats to play.
  • More Privacy & Side Entrance: The hidden cat washroom provides private potty space for your cat, helps to eliminate smells and reduce litter tracking, keeping your room clean and odor-free. Also, the side entrance provides your feline friend with easy access.
  • Cater to Cats’ Instinct Needs: 3 scratching posts cater to your cat's natural scratching instincts, preserving your furniture while keeping your pet entertained and exercised. The fully wrapped sisal scratching posts also serve for a long time.
  • Multifunctional Cat House: Designed to hold 1-5 cats, this spacious enclosure offers ample room for your pets’ needs. This multi-layer cat house serves as a cozy cat condo, an amusing cat tree, a hidden cat litter box enclosure and a storage cabinet.
  • Sturdy Structure for Safe Play: Supported by 5 metal legs, this cat house stands with unparalleled stability. It is built to endure the playful antics and lounging of your indoor cats, ensuring that the enclosure remains steady and secure at all times.

Create a private retreat for your feline friend with our cat litter box enclosure!
This hidden litter box furniture not only discreetly conceals cat’s washroom but also doubles as a cozy cat condo, providing a personal haven for your indoor cat. Besides, the double-door cat litter box enclosure provides more privacy space for your cat while ensuring no smell and mess for pet owners. 3 scratching posts satisfy your cat’s natural scratching instinct while helping to keep their claws healthy and protect home furniture. The enclosure stands firmly on 5 metal support legs, ensuring stability even with the energetic play of cats. All in all, this versatile cat cabinet furniture simultaneously combines practical pet care needs with interior aesthetic desires.

Multi-layer cat house for cats to rest, scratch, play and toilet
Hidden litter box in enclosed space enhances privacy and minimizes odors
Fully wrapped sisal scratching posts satisfy the instinct of scratching
The cat condo with cute cat-shaped hole provides a cozy sleeping space
The considerate details include side door for easy entrance and exit
Multifunctional cat playground accommodates 1-5 cats
Used as a cat litter box enclosure, cat house, or storage cabinet, etc
Spacious cabinet top provides ample storage space for daily items
4 metal legs and an adjustable center leg for higher stability
Round knobs and magnetic catches are easy to open and close the door

Color: Grey+White
Material: Engineering Board, Metal, Sisal
Overall Dimensions: 40" x 20" x 36"(L x W x H)
Interior Size of the Cat Litter Box Enclosure: 23" x 19.5" x 15.5"(L x W x H)
Size of the Arch Cat Hole: 8.5" x 11.5"(L x H)
Diameter of the Cat-Shaped Cat Hole: 8.5”
Weight Capacity of Each Layer: 66 lbs
Net Weight: 62 lbs
Package Includes:
1 x Litter Box Enclosure
1 x User Guide

Tangkula Cat Litter Box Enclosure, 5-in-1 Enlarged Hidden Litter Box Furniture with Cat Condo

$135.99 USD

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