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5 Details You Need To Know When Choosing A TV Stand

In recent years, more people tends to buy TVs, PS5s, switches, or other entertainment equipment due to the virus and countless lockdowns. It’s time for you to select a TV stand to store all the remote control, and the game cartridges, providing you with a great gaming experience and keeping your room tidy. So, what should we consider when selecting a TV stand?

  • The vital thing we need to know about is the size of the TV stand
Generally speaking, the perfect size of the TV stand is about 15.7” to 23.6” in height, and 11.8” to 23.6” in width because in this size, the TV can perfectly suit the stand. Meanwhile, people can enjoy a more comfortable vision of the screen. If you sit nearby the screen, your sight ability will be damaged, which makes you feel dizzy. If the width of the TV stand is too narrow, the TV won’t stand stable on the shelf. Before you get a TV stand back home, you should measure the size of your TV and the length from your sofa to the TV.
Here, I highly recommend the Tangkula TV stand, which is 58” x 16”x 32”(L x W x H), suitable for most families. The material of the TV stand is wood and steel, which ensures the stability of the TV screen. Moreover, you can also store your daily sundries or DVDs, switches, and the like in the drawer of the stand.

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  • The second thing we should consider is the function of the TV stand.
The TV stand can be also used as an electric fireplace. You can choose the electric fireplace inserted into the stand. This kind of installment can save more space. The multi-functional TV stand appears more convenient.
The size of the Tangkula TV stand inserted with the electric fireplace is 58”x 16”x 32”, which can hold the TV screen up to 65”. The temperature can be adjusted from 62℉to 82℉for different heating needs. Attention please, the stove and the TV stand will be packed into two packages, protecting the smooth surface of the stand.

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  • The third point is the material of the TV stand.
The commonly used material for the TV stand is wood, marble, and glass. All materials have their merits and demerits. Which material suits your house decoration is the main factor. The wood stand is durable and old-fashioned, which appeals to people who love the natural style of renovation. On the other hand, wood is fragile to some extent, for it can be corroded by damp air. You need to wipe it with olive oil regularly. Marble is more wear-resistant, but it is super heavy. You should aware of whether your floorboard and tiles can withstand the heavy marble. Glass is more fashionable but can be easily scratched or turned into pieces due to your careless behavior.
Here, I highly recommend a wood TV stand, made of engineered wood. This material is more durable than raw logs. The most interesting thing about this TV stand is that you can DIY the unique combination to fit well with your room's configuration. You don’t need to worry about corrosion or scratches on the surface.

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  • The fourth tip for you is to measure the space of your room
If your room is small and you still need an entertainment stand, try a small-sized TV stand! The overall dimension of our TV cabinet is 47” x 17” x 19.5”, which is suitable for a small space. Despite it being small, the storage room of the stand is large. You can also store your remote control and some other sundries in the drawer. The most important point is its modern-designed appearance! The colorways of the TV stand are versatile.

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  • Finally, the style of your room should also be considered.
The glass-made TV stand is a great choice for your room, no matter what style it is. Due to its transparency, the TV console appears to be elegant and fashionable. If your house is decorated in a modern style, you’ll find the glass stand suits your room perfectly. Meanwhile, the glass is firm and stable, you won’t worry if the glass will scrap into pieces.

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Here’s the summary of the passage! If you’re selecting the TV stand for your room, remember to measure the size of your room and your TV. And you should also consider the material and style of the TV console to better match your room decoration.

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