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Tips When Choosing Cat Trees for Your Kittens

Do your cats scratch your furniture? Are you fed up with your scarred sofa? Are you curious about the reason why your cats keep sharpening their paws? As we all know, dogs need walking to consume their energy, while cats are kept at home. The question is that cats are also energetic animals, which means they will also mess your house up due to overload energy. So, a cat tree is the best choice for your cats and your family. Here comes a question: what points should we pay attention to when choosing a cat tree?
  • Firstly, we need to choose the tallest cat tree if the space of our house permits. Cats like to jump from high places to perform predation. Therefore, a tall cat tree is better because they have enough room to jump. If you live in a small apartment, the height of the cat tree should be at least 100 cm (33”). Our Tangkula cat tree can provide your kitten with a good predation experience, releasing their instinct! The height of the Multi-Level Activity Tower is 80”. And it is almost the highest one in our store. Meanwhile, it is equipped with sisal ropes, a durable material, which means it can be scratched by cats for a long time. 
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  • Secondly, stability should be taken into consideration. Cats are relatively active pets, compared to hamsters, turtles, and reptiles. Thus, the stability of a cat tree has an impact on your cat's life. What kinds of cat trees are stable? All you need to focus on is the location of the nest. When the nest is in the lower position, the cat tree is stable. On the other hand, if it is in a higher position, on the top of the cat tree, for instance, this kind of cat tree is more fragile. As we can see, a small cat tree for indoor cats is very steady. Three pillars indicate a firm structure, and the litter is also at a downward position. The cat tree will not fall, no matter how naughty your cats are. 
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  • Thirdly, the cat tree needs to provide a safe hiding space, which is extremely important for kittens. Sometimes, our kittens are sensitive and suspicious. All they want in this house is a cozy and hidden space. A cat tree with a hammock is a good choice! In the soft and warm condo, cats have the chance to reduce their stress and find inner peace. Our multi-level cat tower contains a 2-layer condo and three hanging fur balls. No cats can refuse fur balls! This kind of cat tree can provide resting places for two cats. If you have more than one cat at home, please try this cat tree! 
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  • Fourthly, the material of the cat tree should be safe and durable. The most common materials are sisal fiber and natural log. Felines are always scratching and gnawing. As their feeders, we need to ensure the safety of what they’re gnawing. Here, I’d like to recommend our Modern Cat Tree for Indoor Cats. This product is made of totally natural logs, fully wrapped by sisal ropes. I believe your kittens will be satisfied with the sisal rope, for they can stretch claws and forelimbs and remove external nail sheaths. And if they have a fetish for gnawing furniture, it’s safe for them to bite natural material. 
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  • Finally, the mobility design is also a vital factor! Make sure your cats can easily leap up and down on the cat tree. When selecting cat trees, you need to pay attention to whether the design of the cat tree is reasonable to allow your cats to pass through unhindered. Our 69-Inch Cat Tower with a Multi-Layer Platform ensures your cats jump unobstructed. As you can see, the six wood platforms ensure your cat jumps step by step instead of being thwarted. 
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If you are a cat owner, or you are running cat clinics, cat cafes, and cat shelters, or providing cat boarding services, please come to see our Tangkula cat activity trees on our website! I’m sure you’ll find the appropriate product for your kittens.

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