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Ultimate Buying Guides for Pet Supply - Tangkula

Tangkula has been a pet-friendly store since established. We provide all kinds of pet supplies for your little pets to help them live happy lives! We created guides for purchasing pet supplies. These supplies include kitten trees, litter box enclosures, dog crates, dog stairs, dog carts, large chicken coops, and outdoor rabbit hutches.

You will build a cozy area indoors and outdoors for your pets with Tangkula. To facilitate your shopping experience, we collect all the guidelines for selecting pet supplies in this blog. Hope you can find what you need in Tangkula!

Tips When Choosing Cat Trees for Your Kittens
Tips to Choose Cat House & Cat Litter Box
What To Prepare When Adopting Pets on International Pet Day
5 Ideas for Large & Small Cat Tower——Tangkula
What Kind of Enclosure Will Your Pets Like

Tangkula pet supply products can part into 3 groups. But the most popular one is the cat towers for large cats and kitty cabinets. These are the two essential feline furniture to make their life colorful and cozy.

Tangkula large cat tree guarantees daily exercise for your kitty, which does good for their health. The cat jungle gym inspires their intrinsic and keeps them vigorous.
"Tips When Choosing Cat Trees for Your Kittens" introduces the points we should pay attention to when selecting the safe and durable cat play house for your kitten.


Tangkula Modern Cat Tree, Multi-Level Large Cat Tower w/Cat Condo


Kittens love cat hammock beds. They can sleep and rest in the hammock when they're tired from running. The large cat tower ensures large kitty jumps up and down and provides enough space for rest and hide.
Safety is important for small and stray pusses who have lived in dangerous places for a while, making them more cautious. Luckily, we list some preparation for adopting these cute creatures. You can find what you need in this article: What To Prepare When Adopting Pets on International Pet Day


Tangkula Litter Box Enclosure with Cat Tree Tower, 2-in-1 Hidden Cat Washroom with Cat Condo


Cat litter box and cat house helps to hide kitty litter and prevent the smell from spreading. You will find it practical in summer. They also serve as storage cabinets, where you can store feline supplies, like kitten dry food, medicine, toys, etc. You can check the specific function of the Tangkula kitty box hidden in this article: Tips to Choose Cat House & Cat Litter Box


Tangkula Double Cat Litter Box Enclosure for 2 Cats


Tangkula provides modern cat trees for large felines and small cat trees to meet your varied needs. If you have no idea which one to choose, we have a guide for you to select.

In most cases, the small one is complementary to the large kitty tower. If you have lots of tabby, it's best to have more big cat towers. Felines are territorial and will fight if they don't have enough space. For more info about the unique cat tree for tabby, check the blog: 5 Ideas for Large & Small Cat Tower——Tangkula


Tangkula Flower Cat Tree for Indoor Cats (Green & Blue)


Meanwhile, we also have the dog stairs, heavy-duty dog crate, dog food storage cabinet, and dog house for your puppies. You can check more in the dog supply collections.

What’s more, we also introduce more about outdoor pet crates, rabbit hutch, and chicken coops in What Kind of Enclosure Will Your Pets Like? This article provides a solution for people with large yards who want to keep their pets outside. Some pets can emit unpleasant odors during the summer. And the natural environment provides fresh air for your furry friends, who will enjoy and relax in the open air!


Tangkula Catio Outdoor Cat Enclosure Large, 71 Inch Outdoor Cat House Weatherproof with Asphalt Roof


That’s all about the guideline of the Tangkula kitten tree and pet supplies. Hope Tangkula can safeguard your pet's cozy life!

If you have any questions about our pet supply, please contact us via e-mail! Our customer service will help you!

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