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20 Q&A about Tangkula Patio Umbrellas & Bases

We have introduced a lot about patio furniture sets of different materials in Tangkula. As we mentioned previously, the umbrella is a good friend to help you better maintain your patio table & chair set. There are also bundles for them. You can save up to 5%. If you want to know more about the benefit of outdoor umbrellas, click the link below to find more.

In this blog, we plan to answer questions that our customers frequently ask about Tangkula Umbrella!

  1. What size patio umbrella should I choose?
    The size of the patio umbrella you should choose depends on the size of your patio or the area you want to shade. Generally, at least 5 feet larger than the area you want to cover is a perfect choice. You can find all sizes of umbrellas in Tangkula, ranging from 5FT to 15FT. There are also different shapes and materials of the umbrella.
  2. How do I determine the appropriate umbrella height for my patio furniture?
    The umbrella height should be such that it provides ample clearance for people sitting on the patio furniture. A standard recommendation is to have the bottom of the umbrella canopy positioned about 7 feet above the ground. Take a 10x13 ft rectangular umbrella as an example. The coverage area is 10x13 ft, suitable for most patio sets. And the height is 7 ft, higher than an adult, which won’t hurt peoples' heads. Safety is the most important thing we need to consider.
  3. What materials are commonly used for patio umbrellas?
    Tangkula patio umbrellas are made of aluminum and steel for the frame, and polyester fabric for the cover, purely durable materials.
  4. Are patio umbrellas weather-resistant and durable?
    Patio umbrellas are designed to withstand outdoor conditions, but the capacity of weather resistance and durability can vary. Look for umbrellas, feature weather-resistant fabric, rust-resistant frames, and sturdy construction for better durability. As we have mentioned above, the material of these umbrellas is made of sturdy material, which indicates weather resistance and durability.
  5. Can I tilt the umbrella to adjust the shading angle?
    Yes, many patio umbrellas offer tilt mechanisms that allow you to adjust the angle, providing shade from the sun at different times of the day. Our Cantilever Offset Umbrella can tilt into 4 positions to help you avoid sunlight.
    10x13ft Patio Rectangular Umbrella, Cantilever Offset Umbrella W/ 360 degree Rotation Function
  6. Are the umbrella fabrics fade-resistant and UV protected?
    Yes, you can find umbrellas, which are fade-resistant and offer UV protection in Tangkula. This kind of umbrella provides sun protection to some extent. Before you shop one, remember to check the product description whether the canopy is UV resistant. Luckily, Tangkula 10FT Outdoor Patio Umbrella Solar LED Lighted Sun Shade Market Umbrella can prevent UV.
  7. What type of base or stand is recommended for the umbrella?
    The type of base or stand recommended for a patio umbrella depends on the umbrella's size and weight. Heavier umbrellas usually require sturdier bases. We have some options for you: freestanding bases, umbrella stands with wheels, and bases, attached to patio furniture. Some of our umbrellas can stand steadily with their bottom structure. If you want it to stand more still, select an umbrella base of varied net weight. When selecting, remember to check the umbrella pole and make sure your umbrella can fit the base.
    Wheeled Weight Base, for Universal Patio Cantilever Offset Umbrella
  8. Can I easily open and close the umbrella, and is it user-friendly?
    Most patio umbrellas feature user-friendly mechanisms for opening and closing. Look for umbrellas with simple crank systems or push-button mechanisms for convenient operation. You can also check our customer feedback to see if the umbrella is easy to open.
  9. Does the umbrella come with a warranty?
    Warranty policies vary between manufacturers and retailers. It's vital to check the specific warranty details for the umbrella you are interested in. As for Tangkula, our sound customer warranty will ensure your rights. We guarantee a 90-day return and free shipping. If you find the product you received has some quality issues, contact our customer service by e-mail. If you want to check more details about the customer warranty, check Tangkula policies.
  10. Are there any special care instructions for maintaining the umbrella?
    Patio umbrellas generally require some basic maintenance. Regularly clean the canopy and frame, store it properly during the off-season or adverse weather, and follow any specific care instructions.
  11. Can I use the umbrella with a patio table, or does it require a specific base?
    Many patio umbrellas need to be used with patio tables. They often come with a center pole that fits through the hole in the table. However, some umbrellas may require a separate base if they are not designed for the table. It depends on different situations. The best way to know whether the umbrella suits the patio table is to check the product description of both the umbrella and the patio desk. In most cases, the patio side table with a hole in the middle is suitable for an umbrella. You also need to check the size of the pole.
  12. Is the umbrella compatible with a wind vent to allow air circulation?
    Yes, many patio umbrellas feature a wind vent at the top. The vent allows air to escape, reducing the pressure on the umbrella and increasing stability during windy conditions. I’d like to highly recommend the double-topper umbrella, which features a wind vent for better air circulation to provide a cool environment under the umbrella.
    10 Ft 3 Tier Patio Umbrella, Outdoor Umbrella W/Double Vented
  13. Can I easily remove and replace the umbrella canopy if needed?
    The ease of removing and replacing the umbrella canopy can vary depending on the specific design. Some umbrellas offer detachable canopies that can be easily replaced, while others may require more effort or professional assistance. You need to check the product description.
  14. Does the umbrella offer sufficient shade coverage for my patio area?
    The shade coverage provided by an umbrella depends on its size, shape, and height. It's important to consider the dimensions of your patio area and compare them to the umbrella's specifications to ensure it will provide adequate shade. The bigger umbrella you choose, the larger area it covers.
  15. Are there different color and design options available?
    Yes, patio umbrellas are available in a wide range of colors and designs. You can choose from various options to match your patio decor or personal preferences. For example, Tangkula 10 FT Patio Offset Umbrella has 6 colors for you to choose from. We also provide round and rectangular umbrellas for your selection. View the umbrella collection to find the one that suits your backyard.
    Tangkula 10 ft Thatched Patio Umbrella, 2 Tier Hawaiian Style Grass Beach Umbrella with 8 Ribs
  16. What is the expected lifespan of the umbrella?
    The lifespan of a patio umbrella can vary depending on its quality, the materials used, and how well it is maintained. High-quality umbrellas that are properly cared for can last for several years. If under proper maintenance, patio umbrellas can be used for years.
  17. Are there any additional accessories or features available, such as lights or mosquito netting?
    Yes, there are additional accessories and features available for patio umbrellas. Some umbrellas come with built-in LED lights, while others may have options for attaching lights or mosquito netting. These accessories can enhance the functionality and ambiance of your outdoor space.
    Tangkula 10 FT Patio Offset Umbrella with 360 Degree Rotation
    Tangkula Umbrella Netting, Patio Umbrella Mesh Screen with 2 Double-Zippered Doors
  18. Are there any safety considerations I should be aware of when using the umbrella?
    When using a patio umbrella, it's important to consider safety. Ensure the umbrella is securely anchored or weighted down to prevent tipping over in windy conditions. Additionally, it's advisable to close the umbrella during storms or when not in use to prevent damage.
  19. Can the umbrella be easily stored or collapsed for winter or during adverse weather conditions?
    Many patio umbrellas can be easily collapsed or disassembled for storage during the winter or adverse weather conditions. Some models come with a storage bag or cover for protection. If you’re worried about safety in severe weather, you can get an umbrella base with your patio umbrella, which will make it more steady.
  20. Are there any specific recommendations for cleaning or maintaining the umbrella?
    Cleaning and maintenance recommendations can vary based on the umbrella's materials and manufacturer instructions. Generally, it's advisable to clean the canopy regularly, avoid leaving it open in strong winds, and store it properly when not in use. Follow the specific care instructions provided by the manufacturer for the best maintenance practices.
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