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How To Maintain Your Outdoor Steel & Aluminum Furniture

As we have introduced in previous blogs, there are different ways to maintain outdoor furniture, depending on the varied material. This is the last article in this column, How to maintain your furniture. If you want to know more about furniture maintenance, click the links below to find more.

Today, we plan to give you more tips on steel furniture maintenance in your backyards. BTW, you can click the image below to find more info if you’re interested in the products we recommend, which are all new arrivals!

At the very beginning, we need to know the difference between wood and aluminum furniture, which require different maintenance. Steel and aluminum are more prone to rust. The furniture will face irreversible damage if under inappropriate maintenance. Remember to protect them in the right way!

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We’ll recommend you some methods to extend the lifespan of aluminum furniture.

Firstly, we should know the difference between wood, rattan, and aluminum furniture.

  1. Rust: Compared to wood and rattan wicker, steel and aluminum are more likely to get rust, harmful to the structure and surface of the furniture. Unlike dust or mold, rust is hard to clean.
  2. Scratches: Aluminum furniture is heavier than that of other materials. Higher net weight will lead to scratches and wear marks on the deck of your yard and the chair legs. 
  3. Temperature: As steel and aluminum tend to get the same temperature as the environment, you’ll need cushions to protect yourself from overheating or over-cold. 
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According to the differences above, we recommend the following tips to maintain your outdoor steel & aluminum furniture.

  1. Clean regularly. Dirt, dust, and other debris will accumulate on the surface and groove of the furniture. It will be difficult to clean these mixed stains when the debris combines with liquid, like rain.
  2. Apply protective coating. Similar to wood and rattan furniture, aluminum patio furniture also needs cover protections, which will avoid sturdy stains, like bird droppings, which will also erode your furniture. Meanwhile, you can choose an umbrella to protect you and your furniture from direct sunshine and rainwater. Meanwhile, canopies and gazebos are also great choices to create a private and safe corner in your yard.
  3. Check wear marks as weekly routines. It may sound annoying, but you’ll be grateful when you examine the damage and wear marks regularly. Some damage and wear marks are reversible if found immediately. If it occurs, remember to call the professional staff for help.
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Here is my advice for you to clean the furniture:
  1. Remove loose debris: Use a clean and humid cloth or dry soft-bristled brushes to remove the dust.
  2. Use mild soap or detergent: Mix the mild detergent with warm water in a bucket. Remember not to use abrasive cleaners or scrubbers, which will damage the furniture surface. 
  3. Rinse thoroughly: Soap residue apt to erode the chair and table. Ensure your furniture keeps dry and out of chemical residue.
  4. Use a soft dry cloth: The last step of the cleaning routine is to wipe your furniture with a soft cloth. Aluminum and steel love a dry environment.
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In conclusion, steel and aluminum furniture requires easier maintenance compared to wood and rattan patio chair & table. If you’re wondering what kind of furniture to choose from, click the link below. Hope you can find answers! Remember to subscribe to our store to get the latest news if you think our website is helpful!

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