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Shop Outdoor Furniture by Material——Wicker Rattan

Wood has been popular among customers for its durability and versatility as the most traditional material for making furniture. It can suit many types of home decor with different varieties, say, oak, pine, cherry, acacia wood, and the like. If you’re interested in wood furniture, click the following link to find more info about Tangkula wood furniture. We have recommended several choices in detail. Today, we will continue the column——Shop Furniture by Material.

As it’s getting hotter, most of you hate sweating and feeling sticky on hot summer days. Luckily, there is a kind of material to prevent you from this feeling, wicker rattan. Tangkula aims to provide customer comfort in any season, the reason why you can find such a large quantity of rattan furniture in Tangkula.

First of all, let’s see what are wicker and rattan.

  • Wicker is a kind of weaving technique that involves interlacing slender, and flexible materials such as bamboo, willow, rattan, or cane to create furniture or baskets. It is commonly used to create outdoor and indoor furniture. Wicker furniture is famous for its durability and lightweight nature, making it easy to move and store. The weaving technique used to create wicker furniture can be complex, with intricate patterns and designs that add visual interest.
  • While rattan is a type of vine that belongs to the palm family, often used to create furniture. And it is flexible and sturdy, making it an excellent weaving material. Rattan is often combined with other materials like bamboo or wicker to build pieces of furniture. Because it is lightweight and durable, it is a popular choice for outdoor furniture. Rattan furniture has a natural, rustic feel that is perfect for creating a cozy and inviting outdoor space.

Compared with wood, wicker rattan furniture has its own merits. ( If you want to find the advantage of wood furniture, click here!)

  1. Lightweight. Due to the unique internal structure, wicker rattan furniture is super light-weighted.
  2. Durable. The wicker rattan is more durable than wood with its moisture resistance. It is unlikely to get mold or erosion.
  3. Sustainable and Biodegradable. Rattan comes from the palm, a fast-grow plant, compared to trees. So there are no environmental issues caused by your furniture.
  4. Strong Air Permeability. With the amazing structure, the wicker rattan is more air-permeable, which brings a happy summer, avoiding annoying sweating.

According to these advantages, I will show you some furniture made of wicker rattan. If you are interested in a particular product, click the image below to see more information.

  • The first one is for the small outdoor place. 3-PCS patio furniture set is more suitable for small families. If you want to have a cup of coffee with your friends or relax alone in the yard, a 3-piece sofa set is a good choice. You can also choose the bundle, including 3-PCS patio sets and two ottomans, which saves you 5%.

  • The second one is the ottoman, which is mentioned above. Ottoman is a functional piece of furniture in many cases. You can make it a footstool, a seating for visitors, or a small side table ( remove the cushion).

  • The third one is the 7-piece outdoor furniture set with a sectional sofa. There are different ways to put these sofas. Use your imagination to create your patio yard! We also provide a bundle for this set. You will get 5% off if you get the patio furniture set with umbrellas. This bundle is a reasonable bargain for summer.

  • The fourth one is the 9-piece outdoor dining set. It is perfect for parties! Also, the price has dropped by $200, which is a great bargain! This patio dining set is composed of high-quality acacia wood and polyethylene rattan, which is lightweight and easy to clean.

  • The last one is the modern-designed egg chair, suitable for indoors and outdoors. A basket lounge chair is a cozy place for daydreaming. Due to its aesthetic design and lightweight material, the egg chair can be placed in your house in winter and outside in summer. It is really practical, for you can use it all year round!

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