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How To Maintain Your Outdoor Rattan Wicker Furniture

The best way to maintain wood furniture is to avoid direct sunshine and moist air, according to what we discussed previously. You can view the following article to get inspired if interested in the furniture of different materials in Tangkula.

Today, we will find the maintenance of rattan wicker furniture in Tangkula! Meanwhile, we will introduce some rattan wicker patio furniture, which is new arrivals in Tangkula! We hope you'll like them!

  1. Cean the furniture regularly. Due to the unique structure, compared to woold and steel, dust is more likely to accumulate on the wicker chair, which makes it difficult to clean. The steps below will teach you how to clean rattan wicker furniture in an efficient way.
    Firstly, use coverage to prevent most dust and dirt from the cushion.
    Secondly, when cleaning the sofa set, remove the cushions and wash the cushion cover, which absorbs dust, dirt, and rainwater. You can throw it in the washing machine. Remember to check if there is any stain or oil. You can drip some lotion on the blot, making it easy to clean.
    Thirdly, the microfiber brush or the vacuum cleaner is helpful to collect dust in the corner. A small vacuum cleaner is better for the wicker sofa and is usually of small sizes.
    Fourthly, you can wipe the rattan wicker chair/sofa with mild soap or lotion. This way, the chair can be sterilized thoroughly.
    Fifthly, as the lotion/soap water soften the stubborn stain, you can easily remove it with a small toothbrush.
    The last step is to wait for the sofa frame dry for a few hours.
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  2. Use umbrellas or other covers to avoid direct sunshine and rainfall. Luckily, you can shop for the bundle in Tangkula. We have matched the appropriate size of the umbrella and sofa set. There is nothing to worry about regarding the umbrella pole being inappropriate. The direct sunshine will damage the surface of the rattan furniture, resulting in faded color.
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  3. Use natural insect repellents like cedar or neem oil to prevent insects. You can also put some small bags of lavender or other herbs on the outdoor side table to repel insects because they can bite and damage the furniture.
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Maybe you think these steps are similar to wood furniture to some extent. Here are the differences in maintenance between wood furniture and rattan wicker furniture:

1. Cleaning:

  • A damp cloth and mild soap can clean the wood furniture, but keep in mind to dry it thoroughly to prevent damage.
  • Same as wood material, damp cloth can effectively clean the rattan wicker furniture, but too much water can cause the wicker to swell or become misshapen.
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2. Polishing:
  • Furniture polish or wax helps to restore its shine and protect the wood surface.
  • While Rattan wicker furniture can be polished with a small amount of linseed oil or furniture polish, too much can make the wicker sticky.
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3. Scratches:
  • Wood furniture can be prone to scratches, while wood filler or sandpaper can fix this.
  • Rattan wicker furniture can also be prone to scratches, but it's more difficult to fix due to the intricate weaving.

4. Durability:
  • Wood furniture is generally more durable than rattan wicker furniture and can withstand more wear and tear.
  • Rattan wicker furniture is more fragile and inclines to breakage or damage if not properly maintained.

In the next blog, we will continue this column. If you’re interested in the maintenance, please remember to subscribe to our store to get the latest information!