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10 Ideas of Entryway Furniture To Light up Your Day

Entryway is the first part coming into your sight when you go home. It, to some extent, determines how you feel about your home. “Other features that were perceived as significantly important, yet not of extreme importance, included the availability of the home office and the unit entrance connected to a lobby, in addition to flexible open spaces that might be altered to meet the changing needs, and family entertainment space.” according to the survey launched by Nancy H. Alhadedy from Cairo University. She explains the importance of neat entryways to people in the post-pandemic period because lockdown damages our mental world, and it is time to repair it. Today, Tangkula will show you practical ways to organize your entryway!

Before we start, we should know the key factors of what an inspiring space looks like. Nancy points out a few things: pleasing light, bright color, and good ventilation. These are the fundamental requirement of a good-looking entryway. Tangkula also recommends the following tips for building a comfortable environment in today’s blog. Here we go!

  1. Good lighting:
    Plants and animals absorb energy from natural light, and so do humans. We often go to the beach and enjoy the sunlight to recharge ourselves. And therefore, bright light is essential to the entryway. If your house light is limited, how about adding warm lights with floor lamps or ceiling lights instead?
  2. Add Greenery:
    Plants make people feel energetic. Imagine wandering in the forest or damp, you will feel refreshed and delighted. The potted plant is a great choice for such a cozy environment. If you are a “plant-killer”, choose fresh flowers in beautiful vases, which add aesthetic addictive to your home.
  3. Color Palette:
    A colorful environment delights people that's the reason why dopamine outfits went viral recently. The dark color will depress our mood conversely. Warm colors will boost and relax your mind.
  4. Fragrance:
    Pleasant aromas, like the fragrance of flowers, trees, and lawns can remind people of happy moments. Therefore, when it comes to the entryway, you can put some artificial fragrance in the entry cabinet. When step into the entryway, you will find your home so graceful.
  5. Entryway Rug:
    The welcome rug helps absorb dust and provides an inviting feeling when people come. But remember to clean the rug frequently before it becomes dirty and smelly.
  6. Coat Rack & Shoe Storage:
    Taking off your coat and shoes at the entryway is a good habit, preventing dust and viral from your room. But at that time, a well-organized entryway needs the help of racks and storage cabinets or ottoman. We will introduce some storage cabinets and coat racks with large storage later.
  7. Functional Furniture:
    Functional furniture serves the same duty as coat shoe storage. But they can store more things, like luggage, keys, or mail. You can decorate it with fragrance or other art decor, enhancing the visual appeal of your home.
  8. Organize Mail & Paper:
    If you book journals or receive mail regularly, a designated storage spot will prevent your home from clutter. It also helps find the essential document when you are in a hurry. A small cabinet will be a good assistant.
  9. Keep It Neat & Clean:
    It sounds easy to keep the entryway neat and clean. However, it takes some effort to organize all daily sundries and clothes.
  10. Personal Touches:
    Displaying personal items like family photos or artwork in the entryway creates an emotional connection and adds a sense of personality to the space.
With the tips above, I believe you will build a relaxed and cozy entryway. The second step is to choose the proper furniture that helps you create your neat porch way. Here is Tangkula modern entryway furniture to help you well-organize the entryway space! BTW, if you're interested in the product, click the image to find more styles, sizes, and colors.
  • Tangkula 134 Gallon Outdoor Storage Box:
    You can use this storage box indoors and outdoors. It will serve as a shoe bench at your front door, preventing rain and dust from the inside. Your clothes and shoes will be safe in the box.
    Capacity: 134 Gallon
    Weight Capacity of Acacia Wood Board: 165 lbs
    Weight Capacity of Inner Space: 66 lbs
    Tangkula 134 Gallon Outdoor Storage Box, Wicker Patio Deck Box with Solid Acacia Wood and Waterproof Zippered Liner
  • Tangkula Hall Tree with Bench and Shoe Storage:
    The multi-functional garment storage is a nice place for all kinds of clothes and daily sundries, like keys, hats, bags, mail, shoes, coats, etc. The all-in-one design is a good choice for those with little space at the front door.
    Overall Dimension: 48"x 16"x 71"(L x W x H)
    Inner Size of Each Drawer: 18"x 13.5"x 5.5"(L x W x H)
    Weight Capacity of Each Hook: 4.5 lbs
    Weight Capacity of Each Shelf(Left): 22 lbs
    Weight Capacity of Each Drawer: 11 lbs
    Weight Capacity of Shoe Bench: 110 lbs
    Weight Capacity of Each Shoe Rack: 44 lbs
    Tangkula Hall Tree with Bench and Shoe Storage
  • Portable Wardrobe Closet
    This wardrobe closet receives many reviews from Tangkula customers. They love it so much! The most appealing point of the wardrobe is that it is portable, which is the best choice for those who live in the apartment or rent the house from others. It is also a nice shoe organizer. If you are looking for shoe cabinets or shoe boxes, you cannot miss this entryway storage furniture!
    Product Dimension: 40.9"x 19.7" x 66.9" (L x W x H)
    Maximum Capacity of Cubby: 44 lbs
    Maximum Capacity of Top: 133 lbs
    Maximum Capacity of Hanger: 44 lbs
    Portable Wardrobe Closet, Foldable Clothes Organizer w/Cubby Storage
  • Tangkula 7 Tiers Vertical Shoe Rack
    The small shoe rack takes advantage of the space, featuring 7 tiers. It provides abundant space for shoes. This shoe rack can store high heels, sneakers, boots, etc. Remember to check the size of each tier.
    Overall dimension: 18"x10.5"x43.5"(LXWXH)
    Distance from each shelf: 7.5"/ 5.0''
    Weight capacity weight of each shelf: 11lbs
    Tangkula 7 Tiers Vertical Shoe Rack, Entryway Wooden Shoes Racks, Modern Shoe Rack Organizer
  • Coat Rack:
    The material of this coat rack is bamboo, which is solid and environmental-friendly. The small size is perfect for any house. It features 6 hooks to hold your hat, coat, bags, and keys.
    Product Dimension: 22" x 22" x 70.5" (L x W x H)
    Maximum Weight of Each Hook: 11 lbs
    Tangkula Bamboo Coat Rack Freestanding, Wooden Coat Hanger Coat Rack Stand
Hope you can find practical tips for home arrangement in this article. More standing coat rack, wardribes, and shoe collection furniture are available in Tangkula entryway furniture. We will keep updating the column “Shop Furniture by Room”. If you are interested in the topic, please subscribe to our store via e-mail. If you have any questions about the store and product, contact us by e-mail!

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