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Winter Is Coming! Select An Electric Fireplace for Your Family!

As autumn is coming to an end, the temperature will drop to 10℃ (50℉) within a month. It’s time to select some appliances for your family to get rid of a cold in winter. If you have been using the electric heater for a long time, or if you miss the warmth of an old-fashioned fireplace, please have a try on electric fireplaces! It’ll be a wonderful experience! The electric fireplace is a brand-new product, which combines the traits of a traditional hearth and an electric heater.
The greatest thing about the electric fireplace is that it is burnt without gas or wood, which means friendly to people with mild respiratory issues. Also, it is environmental-friendly equipment with no pollution. You can easily install the heater without permits. What’s more, your family is capable of gathering around the fireplace to enjoy a warm afternoon. And electric fireplaces can also add a festive touch to Christmas and Halloween, just like the old-fashioned fireplace does. However, the electric fireplace is safer and cheaper than the old one, for it has no vent, chimney, or flue, which indicates low maintenance for the sweeping chimney. Here are some points that consumers care about most.


  • Firstly, the built-in thermostat and sleep timer for heat and flames. A thermostat protects the fireplace from overheating, which is dangerous for causing wire short circuits, damaging the electric fireplace as well as hurting your family. You can use these functions when you’re going to sleep. This way, you don't have to worry about accidents caused by your negligence of forgetting to turn off the electric fireplace. Most of the Tangkula electric fireplaces are equipped with a thermostat with CSA certification, ensuring your safety.

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  • Secondly, the remote control. Almost every household appliance has a remote control, and electric fireplaces are no exception. You can set the e-fireplace in the bed without leaving your warm quilt. It is an essential function, especially in cold winter when the air is freezing. The Tangkula 58 Inches Fireplace TV Stand suits this situation. You can set the 3-flame-color and 4-flame-brightness settings separately with or without heat, based on your needs for the remote control.

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  • Thirdly, used as an Entertainment Center. Most people want to place the fireplace in the living room. But the question is that it will take up the place of TV. Now, no worries about that. The 58 Inches TV Console With Fireplace Insert can be used as a TV stand. You can even store your remote control, books, DVD players, or other things in the stand.

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  • Fourthly, the installation style of the fireplace. Many consumers may consider whether the fireplace is consistent with the style of their home decoration. The way of installation is various, for instance, wall-mounted, built-in, free-standing, or see-through. Here, I highly recommend the free-standing, which can serve as a media console table. You can find e-fireplaces of that sort in Tangkula. The 23" Electric Fireplace Log Heater can be placed in a wall-mounted style, adding an elegant and antique atmosphere to your house. 

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  • Finally, the size. Many people would like to set a fireplace in their bedrooms or the office to keep warm in winter. But they are also concerned about the size of the fireplace. If it is too large, the room will be overcrowded. Fortunately, Tangkula 25 Inch Electric Fireplace Stove is small enough to fit your bedroom. The product's size is 20” x 11” x 23”. You can also make it a beside-table, putting sundries on it. 

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At the end of the passage, I’d like to have your attention on the electric fireplace. Safety is the most important thing after all.
①Never plug in the electric fireplace to an extension cord.
②A well-grounded, fused outlet must be used.Hope you have a good experience with the fireplace.

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