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10 TV Stand Ideas | Living Room Furniture - Tangklula

Transform Your Living Room with These 10 TV Stand Ideas

Tangkula provides multiple choices for home furniture. We have introduced the entryway furniture in the previous article. Today, we will show you a Tangkula TV stand for your living room. Additionally, we have a small TV console cabinet specifically designed for the bedroom.

A television stand serves as a versatile furniture item with multiple functions. The TV floor stand securely holds your TV.

It also serves as a platform for displaying your TV. Additionally, it helps organize cables and streaming devices. You can also use it for storing books and decorations.

Beyond its primary role of supporting the television's weight, TV stands can also function as focal points in living rooms, dens, or any space where a TV is placed. Picking the right TV stand can improve your style, store things, fit tech devices, and display home decorations.

The article will be split into 4 sections: material, style, room and function. It will also cover size, features, and electric fireplace TV stands. 

Part 1: Shop by material:

  • Glass TV stand

    Glass-made furniture is popular recently, especially the glass coffee table, the glass console table, and the like. The merit of this kind of furniture is obvious. It’s easy to clean and maintain.
    Meanwhile, special tech processes the material, making it sturdy enough to hold up to 110 lbs. The supportive steel frame enhances the stability of the entertainment center. The faux marble shelves provide extra space for storage, such as audio, books, decors, etc. Add vibes to your house!
    Attn: if you have kids at home, glass furniture may be a bit dangerous. Please take care of your kids when they’re playing around the TV console!
  • Wood TV stand

  • Wood is a kind of classic material for furniture. Compared to glass, wood furniture withstands damage less frequently and remains durable. The edge of the wood is not so sharp. And therefore, your kids are safe when playing.
    More importantly, the exquisite cutting edge of the oak TV stand can perfectly fit in the room corner. The thick board firmly supports the TV and decorations. For a natural living room style, check out Tangkula for wooden TV stands and walnut TV consoles.

  • Metal TV stand

  • The metal TV stand offers distinct advantages with its durable and sturdy construction, making it capable of accommodating larger TVs and media equipment without compromising stability. Its modern design aesthetic, ranging from minimalist to intricate styles, adds a touch of sophistication to any space. The high weight capacity, heat resistance, and easy maintenance of metal stands make them practical choices. The 3-tier console table is a good choice industrial-style living room. Open shelves help to store remote control, gamepads, PS5, etc, and you can find what you need quickly.

Part 2: Shop by style

Tangula offers various styles of TV stands, including modern style, industrial style, mid-century style, etc. All these entertainment centers are unique with simple designs to show the beauty of minimalism. If you’re interested in any of these 

  • A modern TV stand embodies the essence of contemporary design, characterized by its sleekness and emphasis on functionality. With clean lines and a blend of materials like metal, glass, and wood, these stands exude a timeless elegance. Open shelves and 2 enclosed cabinets provide storage, maintaining an uncluttered appearance. The modern media console integrates with modern technology and offers a harmonious balance of form and function for today's living spaces.
  • Mid-Century style

  • A TV stand in the mid-century modern style encapsulates the essence of the mid-20th century design, with a distinctive blend of organic shapes, clean lines, and functionality. These mid-century media consoles often feature sleek wooden finishes, tapered legs, and minimalistic hardware. Focusing on simplicity and integration with the surrounding space, mid-century modern TV stands offer ample storage without overwhelming the room. Bold colors and geometric patterns are attractive. If you’re finding a mid-century modern TV stand for your living room or bedroom, don’t miss this modern media console for 55-inch TVs.
  • Industrial style

  • Characterized by raw materials and a utilitarian aesthetic, Industrial style stands feature a combination of metal and distressed wood. Exposed bolts, rivets, and minimalistic design elements contribute to the industrial vibe. These stands offer practicality through open shelving and storage compartments, and their weathered appearance adds a touch of history and character to modern living spaces. Tangkula provides many types of furniture featuring industrial style, which help you coordinate your home furnishing.

Part 3: Shop by room

  • If you want to relax in your bed while watching TV, putting a TV stand in the bedroom will be a good choice! The only problem you need to consider is the function and size of the TV console as there is little left in the bedroom, compared with the living room. The corner TV cabinet is a perfect solution for small space, which utilize the corner space and helps to hide the wires, which make your bedroom clean and tidy. 

  • TV stand for living room

  • As for the living room, a large TV console with an electric fireplace is more suitable for the living room. When choosing a TV console for your living room, size compatibility with your space and TV is the top priority. Make sure the entertainment center provides adequate storage for your media devices. You can select different features, built into the media console, for instance, a TV cabinet with doors, a TV stand with storage, or a rolling TV stand. These features will facilitate your daily life to the utmost.

Part 4: TV stand with fireplace

We have introduced the buying guide for a tv floor cabinet with electricity fireplaces. You can check the article at the following link. This time, we’ll recommend several items you may like. 

  • Tangkula's electricity fireplace can perfectly fit in the TV console. The TV stand leaves you quite a large space to cool the contact surface with the TV, which ensures the long lifespan of your home appliance. With inserted fireplace, you won’t feel cold in winter. With remote control, you can set the fireplace even when lying in bed. Nobody wants to leave the cozy bed on cold winter days.
  • Fireplace entertainment center

  • Many people have furry pets in their homes. An essential fact about dogs and cats is that they prefer warmer environments than humans. The most comfortable temperature for cats is 86 F and 100 F. And therefore, the fireplace entertainment center is the perfect item to keep your kitten vigorous. Meanwhile, they’re safe with no flames. Felines will also love the novel places, where they can explore and play.

You can also check the collection page to filter media console cabinets of different colors, for example, the black TV stand, the white media console, the brown TV stand, etc. If you find your dream TV stand in Tangkula, don’t hesitate to take it home! You will enjoy free shipping on all products! Please subscribe to our store to find more bargains!

We listed some buying tips for entertainment centers and electricity tv media consoles, which you can find in the following articles. If you’re interested, click the link below to find more.

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